The Top 5 Benefits of Personal Training in the Workplace

by Health Care Services Published on: 18 September 2018 Last Updated on: 26 August 2020

If you have workers who are physically and mentally fit, they will have more energy and feel less depressed. And if not yet, kindly visit and find out what it takes to make your employees a better version of themselves. This will enable them to work harder and for longer periods of time. That is why so many companies now are either constructing fitness centers within their own facilities or partnering with local gyms so that they will offer their employees discounts on memberships.

However, the problem comes with motivating employees to work out on their own. The average worker is new to fitness or they haven’t worked out in decades. It will take a lot of motivation to get them back into the habit of working out again. For this reason, offering personal training services in the workplace could be the next best step. Just be sure to hire a qualified personal trainer and not some gym enthusiast.

A qualified personal trainer is someone who has received an education in exercise science, nutrition, and fitness. More importantly, they have received a certification in personal training from an accredited organization, such as Origym. This certification proves they have the skills and education necessary to offer quality advice in the field of health & fitness.

When business and personal training are brought together, it can mean great things for all stakeholders involved. Below are the top 5 benefits of offering personal training services in the workplace.

The Top 5 Benefits of Personal Training in the Workplace:

1. Better Productivity:

As previously stated, personal training for employees will increase productivity in the workplace. Once your employees are healthier, they will be stronger and more energetic on the job. They won’t need to take as many breaks or sick days either. When they wake up to go to work, they will be well-rested because the training will make it easier for them to get to sleep at night. Well-rested employees will be wide awake on the job. That is a very important thing to have in any organization.

2. Reduces Employee Turnover:

If employees get the sense that their employer doesn’t care about their health and wellbeing, they will feel tempted to quit and go work somewhere else. A great benefit of personal training is that it gives employees an incentive to stay with the same company. After all, how many other companies out there are going to offer personal training services to employees? That is a very rare thing and you can be sure it will help you retain employees and reduce your company’s turnover rate.

3. Lowers Health Insurance Costs:

Healthy employees mean cheaper health insurance premiums. Many health insurance companies offer discounts on health insurance if their customers are actively working out. Employers who contribute to their employees’ health insurance costs will benefit too.  For this reason, employers will actually save money in the long run by hiring personal trainers to work with their employees.

4. Good Employee Morale:

It is common for employees to think negatively about their employers, especially if they think they’re being treated unfairly. A great benefit of offering personal training is that it makes employees think that their employer cares about them. If you do this for your employees, it will increase the morale within the organization. This will ensure that your employees are doing a quality job.

5. Better Reputation:

The reputation of any business is essential for its success. This doesn’t just mean what customers think about the business. The opinions of the current and former employees will have a huge impact on the success of the business. For instance, if employees leave negative reviews about their employer, that doesn’t really make the company look too good in the public eye. But if the reviews from employees are positive, it shows that the company is organized well. This will make it respected in the community and word-of-mouth will spread fast about how great that company is. Personal training for employees is certainly something that will give your company a lot of positive attention like this.

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