5 Things Not to Do In An Essay

by How to Guides 14 September 2021


If you’ve got an essay due soon or searching for how you can make a current essay even better, look no further. Allow this guide to walk you through some critical things you mustn’t do in an essay.

1. Failing to address the essay topic

Failing to address the essay topic

The conclusion is often mistaken as the part of your essay where you focus on addressing the essay topic. However, it would be best to address the essay topic throughout your work, and the conclusion should simply highlight the key ideas you have argued.

In addition, you should use the introduction to directly address the question with an outline of your position regarding the essay topic. It’s often advised that you write the introduction last as it will be easier after writing the main body of the text.

2. Copying and pasting from other sources is a BIG NO

Universities, colleges, schools, and businesses are taking a considerable interest in this area, so this is a big way in which you could get caught out. You simply cannot copy and paste from other sources or try and take credit for someone else’s work.

Sometimes plagiarism happens by accident when inevitable mistakes are made with citations and paraphrasing. To avoid this, make sure you have cited your work correctly, and remember, you can run your work through a plagiarism checker; this will help you identify these kinds of mistakes.

3. Not correctly quoting or referencing your work

Not correctly quoting or referencing your work

Incorrectly citing and referencing your work is closely linked with plagiarism as it can result in your essay being criticized for passing off others’ work as your own. Different academic bodies require various citation and reference structures, so be sure to check this before starting.

4. Over-complicated sentence structure 

When writing academic essays, it’s easy to try hard to make your essay sound more intellectual. As a result, you can use overcomplicated language and sentence structure. Though you have good intentions, this can negatively impact the readability of your essay.

Of course, it’s essential to use the appropriate terminology where necessary but always take time to understand its meaning so you can use it correctly mid-sentence. Another tip would be to ask a friend or family member to read over parts of your work to ensure it makes sense and is understood.

5. Forgetting to proofread and spell check your work

Forgetting to proofread and spell check your work

If we leave our essay writing until the last minute, we can compromise on the time to review it at the end. Always make time to review your work, as it will allow you to see if your essay reads well. Plus, you’ll be able to spot clumsy mistakes with spelling, grammar, and punctuation, which could cost you some marks if not corrected.

Reading this guide should help you consider all the common pitfalls in essay writing and help you write better and receive higher marks.

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