4 Technologies Adding Productivity Across Industries

by Technology 14 May 2024

Technology For Productivity

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—all business leaders constantly look for ways to boost productivity.

For many, it’s not about figuring out how to “cram more hours in a day” or “push people to their absolute limit.” It’s about working smarter, not harder. Thankfully, several technologies have made this more accessible than ever for even the smallest organizations. Four, in particular, are worth a closer look.

Technologies That Adds Productivity Across Industries 

There are several technologies that add productivity across industries that can boost your performance in the long run. You should be well accustomed to it while meeting your needs.

1. Software-As-A-Service


By now, most people are familiar with the concept of the cloud. Rather than storing information on-site on a hard drive or server, critical business data is stored remotely. It’s housed on a server permanently connected to the Internet, making that information available anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Software-as-a-service, or SaaS for short, takes that one step further by extending this flexibility to information and entire business apps and software platforms. 

If there’s a pivotal application that you need to use to do your job, suddenly, you don’t have to be in the office to access it. You don’t have to purchase a separate license from your phone. Every device becomes your “work device,” and every location becomes your “office.”

At the same time, 5G wireless connectivity has taken the reliability of these networks to new heights. 

The cloud has always been relatively reliable when you were on a solid Wi-Fi network, but less so when cellular data connections were concerned. However, 5G changes the game by enabling accurate, seamless remote communication.

Indeed, these two technological advancements have led to the flexible work model that many now enjoy. You don’t need to visit the office daily if you can access all apps and information from anywhere. 

Try to devote the hours you save on your commute to completing more critical work. Whatever physical resources you have to be as productive as possible, you suddenly have access to – all via technology that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago.

2. Data Collection Forms

Another example of a type of technology that adds productivity across industries is data collection form software.

A data collection form can encompass many things, from surveys to questionnaires. The point is that it’s a way to digitize what was formerly a manual process. 

Not only do you minimize the risk of issues like user error, but you also save workers countless hours per week on a necessary (but menial) task. Companies can take things a step further by integrating automation into their forms to allow their employees to focus on more important tasks. 

Thanks to the fact that all this information exists in digital form, it streamlines not only the information-gathering process but also further analysis. Data is immediately ready to be analyzed to access the insight hidden inside.

Data collection forms aren’t just helpful for businesses; they are helpful for the environment. In 2022, approximately 65.76 million metric tons of paper and paperboard were used in the United States. By eliminating paper forms, companies can become more efficient and sustainable. 

3. AI-Powered Content Creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking things up in content creation. AI-powered tools are already being used for automated transcription, translation, and even content generation. These systems analyze mountains of data to identify trends, audience preferences, and hot topics. This helps content creators tailor their work to what resonates most with their target audience.

For example, an exciting development for content creators is taking place in the realm of podcasting. 

AI podcast summarizer tools can now analyze complete podcasts and create compelling blog posts about the topics discussed. This kind of content reutilization saves creators hours of work and ensures podcasts are accessible to anyone. 

By embracing AI, businesses can streamline their content creation process, optimize resources, and deliver high-quality content at scale. Whether you’re in marketing, journalism, or education, AI-powered solutions are the future. They empower creators to work smarter, not harder, and achieve greater productivity.

4. Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Finally, we arrive at robotic process automation, or RPA for short. For years, people in the manufacturing space have been worried that “the robots are coming to take our jobs.” Well, the robots have arrived, but they’re not taking jobs – they’re supporting them.

In manufacturing environments worldwide, robots are already taking over repetitive tasks, so humans don’t have to spend time doing them. Robots are also helpful in dangerous situations to keep human employees out of harm’s way. 

This creates safer and more productive environments for humans, which improves satisfaction and overall productivity levels. Plus, workers now have more time than ever to dedicate themselves to more specialized roles that still (and will always require that human touch.

While many of these technologies are undoubtedly sophisticated, they’re still built upon a simple principle: time is money.

And that’s not all! Check out a few other technologies that go hand-in-hand with the aforementioned ones. 

5. AI-Powered Drug Discovery In Health Care Industry 

AI can analyze vast amounts of data as it will help you to improve the treatment process in perfect order. The drug accelerates the complete development of new treatments. It can lead to faster treatments like Alzheimer’s disease as well as cancer. 

Technology for productivity will help you to grow your business to grow your business in the correct order. Ensure that you do not make your selection on the incorrect end. Develop a better solution in this regard. 

6. Precision Medicine Using AI In Health Care Industry 

Approach to all the healthcare tailors ensures the genetic makeup for all the genetic history of the patients. This has the potential to improve the process of treatment outcomes and for reducing the side effects to a considerable extent. 

You should be aware of the treatment facilities that can be improved with the help of AI in the healthcare sector. Try out the best option that can make things easier for you and meet your requirements with complete ease. 

7. Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing 

Additive Manufacturing

Technology allows you to create digital files while creating three-dimensional objects. Thus, it has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing sector which can boost the chances of your brand development.    

It enables the protection of the complex part of the demand to a considerable extent. Additionally, you must be well aware of the scenarios that can boost the scope of your brand value to a considerable extent. 

8. Agricultural Robots 

Agricultural robots can help you plant, weed, and harvest to automate all the tasks with complete ease. Thus, the agricultural production process will get the pace to move at a faster speed. Additionally, you need to identify these facts while meeting your goals with complete clarity. 

This can easily address the growing labor shortage in the agricultural fields, which can make things work your way. Try to make things work in perfect order while reaching your needs with complete ease. 

9. Building Information Modelling (BIM) Technology

BIM is a process of managing and creating the complete digital representation of your building. This can improve the communication and collaboration between the architects, construction workers, and engineers. 

Thus, it can help you to avoid some of the costly mistakes to a considerable extent. You need to get through the complete process that can assist you in meeting your needs with complete ease. Ensure that you maintain the best process from your counterpart while meeting your requirements with complete clarity. 

10. 3D Printed Constructions 

 3D Printed Constructions 

The technology is still in the early stages. So, you must be well aware of the situations that can boost the scope of your brand value to a greater level.  It has the potential to revolutionize the early stages of the improvement. 

You must not make your selection on the incorrect end while meeting your needs with complete clarity. Here, you have to follow the best process that can boost the scope of your brand value to a greater level within a shorter version of time. 

Technology That Supports Productivity

Streamlining processes and automation frees up as much valuable time as possible to focus on more important matters. The easier you make a job to do, the more tasks you can take on at a time without sacrificing quality for quantity.

It’s also essential to note that these technologies are malleable. Software-as-a-service, for example, is a broad category that can be used in many different ways depending on the business. Two businesses might use the same data collection form software in entirely different ways, even if they’re direct competitors.

That is to say, never start with the technology and hope it will help you accomplish your goals simply because it is the “latest and greatest.” There is no “one size fits all” approach to increasing productivity. 

Start with your specific organizational goals and work your way forward to the technological innovations that will make them a reality. Only then will you be able to increase productivity and give yourself the competitive advantage you’re after.

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