How To Shoot Videos And Where To Put Them To Be Successful?

by Marketing 22 February 2024

Shoot Videos And Where To Put Them To Be Successful

To run your Instagram page, you need to know a lot of rules, which include not only a plan of publications ahead but also the timing and format of content for different “locations” within the platform: posts, stories, or Reels. 

Our article will help you understand all of this, as well as video editor Instagram. Arm yourself with the VJump app as your main assistant to make your content unique. Next, we’ll share the secrets of how to do it.

Video Content For Stories

As a rule, today’s stories are not used to publish entertaining content. They are used to make some kind of announcement or just to tell about how the day went.

For stories, it is best to choose the format of aesthetic videos. For example, they can be video cuts from a place you visited that day: a cafe, a park, or a gallery. You can edit such videos in the handy TikTok editing app.

Video For Reels

This format is ideal for publishing entertaining content. These can be videos with transitions, various clips with interesting effects, humorous sketches, exciting Challenges, and incendiary dance videos. Here, your imagination should not be limited.

To make a video for this location, you can use TikTok video editor with templates, where you will find not only ideas for your blog but also convenient tools for creating professional videos.

Why it is necessary to have such videos for your blog:

  • they go into the general pool of videos on the social web, where they find an audience;
  • they show you a new, humorous side, which complements your blog;
  • have a positive impact on your stats;
  • make the content on your page more diverse;
  • give you room for creative expression.

Try shooting something using an app where you can edit TikTok videos and experiment with formats to determine which one works best for your audience.

How Do You Shoot Video Content To Make Them Look Cool?

The secret is a quality background and good light. For the background, you need to choose a neat place in which pleasant muted colors will prevail, and there will be a few bright accents. Sometimes, it is appropriate to make quite a monochrome background; for example, if you shoot a video with makeup or bright images, the background should not distract from the main subject of the shooting.

Light is best suited to diffused daylight; that is, it is best to shoot against a window in the daytime. However, since it is not always possible to provide such conditions for shooting, it is recommended to use special lamps and softboxes. This makes the light as natural as possible and saves your face from unnecessary shadows.

Of course, not the least role in the quality of the video plays in its subsequent processing. Use the best TikTok editing app so that during editing, the quality is not spoiled, and you have the opportunity to then put the video on the social network without losing the beautiful and high-quality picture.

Why Video Content Is Better Than Any Form Of Content?

A study points out that video content gets processed 60,000 times quicker in comparison to text formats. This data alone tells us how videos are more compelling, and integrating them can simply be a benefit. Let’s check out some of its other benefits, too:

It Engages The Viewers More

Viewers are most likely to share a video with their connections in comparison to text and images. Videos can evoke strong emotions and encourage viewers to like, share, and comment. You are likely to receive more interaction with videos if your content is better than that of competitors. 

If you want to set your foot in video content, make sure to implement a few tips. Firstly, your content should spark curiosity in the minds of viewers so that they keep watching it till the end. Next, incorporate storytelling narrations and also optimize eye-catching visuals.

Brings In More Traffic

Video is not just a content form, it is also a staunch SEO tool. Businesses that optimize video content are usually placed on the top of SERPs. Almost 86% of online marketers think that video content brings more traffic to their websites. 

Search engines actively take videos into account when it comes to ranking a certain website. When you share your video and link it back to the web page, there is an inbound link creation. This becomes a major factor while ranking your content on search engines.

Grabs More Attention

After reading so much text content every day, a time comes when clients get bored. And when you hit them with something as engaging as videos, chances are they will get more attention. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. To make a video more appealing, you have to use thumbnails that get instant clicks. 

Besides, you have to make it as precise as possible. It would be even better if you could insert some transcripts so that the video becomes understandable for everyone. Do not forget to focus on the description and title of the video. 

Videos Enhance Brand Recall

Finally, it is impossible to get all the information about a brand just by looking at the website. But things might be a bit different with videos. Some studies reveal that viewers get 95% of information about a brand in the form of videos. Unlike text content, they don’t get bored and are likely to watch it till the end. 

Another aspect of video content is that people are likely to remember it forever. Not only do they let marketers produce a precise message, but they also evoke the true emotions of their brand. Thus, video content improves brand recall in a variety of ways. 

Parting Thoughts: Are You All Set For Video Marketing? 

If yes, then don’t waste your time on conventional marketing methods. By following the aforementioned tips and methods, you will be able to shoot the right video content for your brand. 

Now that you know its importance as well try elevating the standards of your business. With that, we end this comprehensive guide here. But don’t worry, there’s a lot more to come. Keep following us for more such content. Thank you for reading!

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