10 Innovative Ways To Use Business Banners To Promote Your Brand

by Marketing Published on: 24 April 2018 Last Updated on: 22 November 2023

Business Banners

These days, it seems like digital marketing is the only tool businesses are using to connect with customers. As effective as digital campaigns can be, this assumption simply isn’t true.

The best marketing campaigns have a mix of online strategies and tangible, print, and promotional tactics, too. Think about it, no matter how well you rank, you still use things like business cards and special handouts. You likely have brochures and business banners as well.

At least, you should! The combination of such efforts is the best way to get your user’s attention and keep them interested enough to buy something.

It’s just a matter of knowing how to use all your tools. For a list of different ways to use business banners, check out our list of opportunities below.

1. Inside of Your Establishment:

If a business banner is all about getting more people in the door, why display it inside of your brick and mortar location? To connect with them.

Banners aren’t always about making a sale or gaining exposure. Sometimes, it’s about telling customers you care, which is what keeps them coming back.

Use a banner to share how long you’ve been in business and serving the local community. Write copy that expresses a genuine thought, not just something to boost your revenue.

2. To Get Attention of People Passing By:

As effective as the above approach can be, you still have to build traffic somehow. One of the most simple, and noteworthy, ways to do this is to place banners just outside of your door.

Hang a banner above the business entrance or stick a few outdoor banner flags in the ground. These put a creative spin on traditional business banners.

Rather than hanging up one banner, you can arrange banner flags in a few different ways.

Consider having one word or a statement printed on each flag, which builds up to a full thought as someone reads the whole line. Or, you can order a set of the same flags with one simple saying to place all around your establishment.

3. To Reach New Audiences:

Both big and small businesses can benefit from custom flags significantly. They can help attract the right audiences, get local footfalls into the establishment, and generate sales and revenues. If you are a business that is located in spaces where public transport levels are high, you can definitely go for custom flags.

Whether you’re using banner flags or hung-up banners, you’re still creating a conversation. Sometimes, this is to stay relevant and engaged with current customers. Other times, it’s to drive a totally new type of business.

Maybe you’re having trouble reaching people that are a little far from where you’re located. Maybe you want to become more engaged with your secondary target market.

Either way, think about where these people hang out. Find a place you can put your business banner in order to get their attention. This is especially important for local businesses, who sometimes just need a little extra exposure to turn their slow time into rush hour. You can utilise Teamfitz mesh fence banners to reach a new audience.

4. To Show Your Community Engagement:

As you’re thinking about where to place your business banners, give some serious thought to what you want to say. Think about it: if you put up a banner at the local gym, the copy is going to be a little different from a banner that goes into a high school gymnasium or cafeteria.

The point is to show the people who gather in these places that you care about them, and that you have a service to offer them. Make it mean something.

The more effort you put into connecting with each different audience, the better your results will be.

5. To Stand for a Cause:

The best way to express what you care about could be to create banners that stand for something.

Is your business about to give donations to some sort of cancer or social justice movement? This is something your customers should know about.

Banners that reflect such sentiments stir something in people. This may result in getting more donations than you thought, or having record-breaking sales for the products you’re giving away part of the proceeds from. Not to mention, it builds a deep connection with users who also care about your cause of choice.

6. To Support Sports Teams:

Rather than choosing a specific cause, you may just want to support your favorite local team.

Think of all the sporting events one professional team hosts. Whether it’s football, baseball, or basketball, plenty of fans are filling the stadiums every game. That’s a lot of people to introduce your business to and get some traffic from.

If you don’t live in an area where professional leagues play, look for opportunities with local leagues. This could be anything from amateur or minor league organizations to high school teams.

7. To Sponsor an Event:

Although some cities and towns don’t have their own sports team, almost every community has an annual event. Maybe it’s just a simple parade or maybe it’s a huge county fair.

Whatever the occasion is, turn it into a marketing opportunity.

Look into how much it would cost to hang some business banners at the entrance or within the event. Many event planners will have different sponsor tiers to make the business’s involvement more accessible. Make sure whichever level you choose gives you the chance to hang your new banner.

8. To Guide People to You at Events:

If you plan to be at some sort of upcoming event, you have to make this known to your audience. Take a few business banners with you on the day of to guide people to your location.

This is particularly important if you only have a small booth at a trade show or a table at a big carnival. Such events get really crowded, really fast. They make it easy for users to get lost in the crowd and carried away, which means it’s your job to make sure they find you.

9. To Show a Unique Side of Your Business:

Wherever you plan to put a business banner – from the inside of your location to a stadium or an event stand – put your best effort into the design.

The most boring business banners are pretty much an enlarged business card. They are a big display of a company’s name and contact information. This may get a few glances from people, but it’s not enough to make them curious.

Add a byline, photo, or custom graphic to your banner. Make it stand out. The more you use the space given to you on the size of banner you want to print, the more likely you are to see success with it.

10. To Build Brand Recognition:

At the end of the day, as much as seeing a boost in sales is great, you’re really building brand recognition and loyalty.

Business banners are effective for short-term revenue goals. They get people in the door during your grand opening, an anniversary event, or while you’re attending the event someone else has put on. But, such a rise in sales only lasts for so long.

Once the excitement dies down and the banners are put away, what people will remember is your brand. Whenever they see another marketing tool – like a social media post or a print ad – they will remember your banner, too. Such simple connections turn into loyal customers and profound success in the long run.

Business Banners, Cards and Billboards, and Other Marketing Tools:

No matter how much you invest in each marketing strategy, don’t forget to think about how all the pieces come together.

The same messaging and energy you put into digital content should be reflected by the business banners and brochures you create. This ensures your branding is as effective as it can be.

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