6 Essential Tips for Starting a Juice Business

by Business Planning 17 January 2020

Juice Business

If you’ve decided to partake in the juice selling business, then you’re in luck! Here is everything you need to know when setting up your juice business to give it a higher chance of winning more sales against your competitors.

These are six essential tips for your start-up juice business:

1. Choose the right business model

There are four different business models that you can implement for your juice business. These are delivery, brick, and mortar, wholesale, and combination. Each business model has its benefits and proper application, choose which one will suit your approach best.

2. Try out different juice recipes

juice recipes

There are countless ways you can find your winning juice recipe. You can research for some online or use them as a reference for making your unique recipe. Consider having a wide variety of flavors, so your consumers will have the option to choose. In this way, you can make your business more diverse in the market, and your consumers won’t get tired of tasting the same thing over and over again.

3. Secure licenses and permits

You can’t just set up a business without going through legal measures. Ensure that your juice business is under the guidelines of local health departments. Securing permits and licenses will also give your business the credibility it needs to build up a good reputation with the public. You can do so by contacting your local health department so they can brief you on the permits you’ll need to start a food business.

4. Locate product suppliers

Now that you have secured all of the necessary permits from your local health department, it’s now time to find a reliable supplier for your juice business. You can look up vendors nearby or search through different listings online for fruit juice suppliers UK companies use. Try to buy products from wholesalers or in bulk. In this way, you will be able to stick with your budget and avoid additional expenses.

5. Find the best spot

To find the best location to put your business, you have to know your target market first. Good thing that you had already planned out your market strategy and business plan. The most common places that juice vendors will be at are flea markets, roadsides and city markets or malls. Choose areas where there are a lot of people passing by.

6. Build a reputation

You can now market your business. The customers’ preferences should always be your main priority to build up a good reputation, and this can be achieved by actively listening to what your audience has to say. Engaging in community events and efforts such us promoting achievements in social media does not only broadcast your business name but also gives it a good reputation with the public.

Final Words:

These essential tips will be your pedestal for having a successful juice business. For better chances for your business to succeed, utilize the different forms of marketing to your advantage. Always be creative with your approach and don’t be afraid to try out new things.

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