The Franchise Approach to Doing Business

by Business Planning Published on: 16 January 2020 Last Updated on: 03 February 2021


Every business kick starts its venture with a dream to hit big. But achieving that dream is not easy. Besides having a good team, focused goals, and exceptional idea, you also need to figure out strategies to expand your business.

You can’t stick to a single store if you want to see your business thriving, capture a wider audience and market. Among so many other ways of business growth, the franchise is one of those ways that never go out of popularity.

But franchising is not as easy as finding a potential franchisee and handing over your trademark and products to him. From the store’s design, location to creating the required documents, you need to be very detailed and focused before opting for this option.

Here is given what you need to do and know before franchise out your business:

Understand Your System Fully:

You are going to hand over your brand image and trademark to someone else; in other words, you are going to give your legacy to others. You can’t do it randomly! You have to tell your franchisee the whole process, how to maintain your brand image and maintain the sales pitch. I mean, your franchisee has to be very clear and particular about carrying out things and your legacy.

But it is only possible if you will be clear and sure about your business process. Business owners are mostly off the loop while taking care of other important matters. But you should first get back in the loop before franchising your business so that you can clearly inform franchisee about important things.

Know the Legal Possibilities:

Franchising involves a lot of legal matters, including financial matters, licensing, handing over intellectual property, use of the brand name, and sell brand’s products. You should be very clear about the possible legal matters surrounding the process.

Any loophole, misunderstanding or unclearly written terms and conditions can create trouble for you later. It is better to take legal advice from a consultant to get more clarity in the process. Here, read more to know about finance-related issues.

Have a Clear Growth Plan:

Growth Plan

Definitely, the main purpose of your franchising is to expand your business. But no two businesses can have the same concept of growth and growth plans.  For an established business, the purpose of the franchise might be to capture the international market.

But for a small business, the purpose would be to open a couple of more stores. So, you should know what you want to achieve from franchising your business. Only then you would be able to levy the whole plan clearly.

Choose Franchisees Carefully:


After deciding everything, the next step is selecting your franchise. It is also a very crucial decision because your selected person is going to represent your brand, so your selection shouldn’t be random and thoughtless. You can’t select every person and any person.

Conduct interviews, check their vision and attitude, and their promising behavior before making the decision. Remember that the franchise takes a lot of hard work and effort, so the candidate should show passion and dedication to pass your screening process.

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