What To Do If You’re In A Lyft Accident

by Insurance Published on: 10 December 2019 Last Updated on: 14 January 2020

Lyft Accident

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and there is no predicting this. It can be one turn of the steering wheel and before you know it, you’re injured and left wondering how you will reconcile a car accident claim. You can get into an accident even if you’re in cab service, like Lyft because drivers, after all, are human too. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. Read on to find out exactly what you should do after you’ve been in a Lyft accident.

What To Do If You’re In A Lyft Accident:

1. Call the lawyer:

Call the lawyer

The first step is to call up your Chicago Lyft Accident Attorney. A competent accident attorney will know the next steps to take and will be able to handle all legal proceedings for you, including how to file for damages. After the authorities, your lawyer is the first number you should call. They will arrive on the scene right away and be able to help you make sense of the situation.

2. Take pictures:

Take car accident pictures

This is an important step and one that both lawyers and police officers will thank you for. Once you have gotten out of the vehicle, you should start taking pictures of the scene. Don’t leave anything out. Even a minor detail can come in handy when you’re going to report the accident later. Plus, the police will be able to make a great case when they study the evidence on the scene.

3. Exchange details:

You should also immediately get details from everyone around you, including your Lyft driver. Their insurance details are extremely important, plus any information you need from the official company records. Get information from all witnesses around you as well, because you might need them to give evidence or testimony on your behalf.

4. Don’t leave:

If you’ve been in a Lyft accident and you’re unharmed, it can be very tempting to get another ride and leave the scene. However, this is a big mistake. You need to stay just where you are so you can report everything that has happened to the relevant authorities when they arrive. If you feel extremely distressed, you can walk a little ways away and rest on the side. However, make sure you’re present for when you need to give testimony.

5. Seek immediate medical attention:

Of course, if you’ve been badly injured in the accident, you should call an ambulance and seek help right away. However, if you have minor cuts and scrapes, don’t ignore these. Rather, get medical help so there is a strong record of these injuries. This will also be super useful to your lawyer when they’re making a case for you later on. If you are able to, take pictures of all of your injuries as well. Furthermore, when you are getting your injuries treated, ask the doctor to write down what has happened as evidence. This will be even more useful when it comes to filing a suit against Lyft for damages.

As with everything, consult with your lawyer before doing any of this, just so you know you’re on the right track.

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