Handy Tips to Fix Your Slow Family Internet!

by Management Published on: 12 November 2019 Last Updated on: 23 July 2021

Are you visiting your family this summer? If so, are you worried about a slow family internet connection? Are you already feeling frustrated with your parents asking you to transfer their photos on Google cloud with their slow internet connection? If so then we will teach you six handy ways to fix your parent’s slow internet connection and save yourself from frustration. Try these DIY tips to perform an audit on your home internet in order to make your slow internet a little faster.

Firstly assess your internet speed. I’d recommend you to take a speed test through Speedtest.net in order to find the exact downloading and uploading speed. The average downloading speed for broadband internet in the United States of America is around 50 Mbps. Therefore if you have speeds of around 10 Mbps you must try these little hacks to avoid the pain of slow internet service.

A slow internet speed is something that can cause unnecessary frustrations. Many of us who are now working remotely need a great internet service provider, like infinity dish and many more on offer, to help us create a proper workstation in our house. Choosing an internet service is all about using an operator whose internet service is not only fast but also secure. A good internet can help in improving work productivity, lesser stress, and prevent worker fatigue. Given the number of financial transactions and official work that we are doing, a fast and secure internet speed is what we need.

Handy Tips to Fix Your Slow Family Internet:

1. Know what type of service your parents are paying for:

We- the millennials’ know it for a fact that infrastructure matters a lot. Even the biggest of all internet service providers are bound with the limitation of infrastructure. We all know that Dial-up is obsolete technology but if DSL or broadband is mentioned anywhere on your parent’s internet bill then you should be relieved. One can hope for improvement with these technologies on board.

Now, find out the exact internet speed to proceed any further. Either get your parents an upgrade or switch them to some other internet service provider that works best in your area. I have my faith in Spectrum Communications. They have wide coverage (in 38 States) plus spectrum internet packages are the most feasible of all. To find out the reason for your parent’s slow internet connection, complain against your ISP or switch it.

2. Look for your Modem and Wireless router:

There are great chances that your parents have got themselves modem/router combination leased from their internet service provider. If so is the case, you should be looking for two devices in the same close proximity. Look for the following things in your modem/router:

  • A modem or router should be of the latest technology. A modem/router has a time span of two to three years. If you see a lag in your parent’s speed and find out that they still are utilizing the same old modem/router then get them a new one to improve the performance.
  • Do not put the Modem in some corner of the storeroom, rather place it centrally for better distribution of signals. Make it closest to the places where the family spends most of their day like in the living room, where everyone’s rooms are open.
  • Most of our elders’ don’t really know who else is using their internet except them. In order to save your parent’s internet from neighbor’s kids make it secure through a strong password.

3. Did you restart your slow internet?

restart your slow internet

Well, I know it is the first aid of all the tech gadgets. But it actually proves to be quite effective most of the time. Whenever we call our ISP’s for complaints first they ask us to troubleshoot and restart the modem/router. So, if you’re facing any lag in speed or interruption in connection then troubleshooting and restarting the modem/router can prove to be a suitable solution for you.

Even after changing the location of your modem, getting yourself the latest modem/router and troubleshooting doesn’t have any good effect on your internet then you better call your ISP. Lodge a complaint about the speeds or get yourself a new internet connection with better services.

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