10 Tips for Running a Successful Orthodontics Practice Firm

by Business Planning Published on: 02 May 2018 Last Updated on: 16 July 2024

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No matter the type of industry your practice falls in, business is business and learning to master the art of marketing is make or break for success.

Along with successful marketing, your business also needs a stellar reputation, well-trained staff, and efficient business practices.

Running a highly successful orthodontics practice is about more than just creating beautiful smiles. At the end of the day, your practice is a business and should be run like one.

Here are 10 tips for owning and running a highly successful orthodontics practice.

How to Run a Highly Successful Orthodontics Practice :

The day-to-day grind of owning an orthodontics practice can be easily distracting from what lies at the core of success: happy customers.

While you may have trained for years to become a professional orthodontist, business acumen is equally important.

The manner in which your orthodontics practice is run is your marker for success. Ultimately this defines your customer experience and retention rate.

So with this in mind, find out more about staying on top of your business game:

1. Establish Your Competitive Edge :

You may be one of a dozen orthodontic practices in your city, so what sets you apart from the rest of your local competition?

When it comes to establishing your business, you need to assess what it is that will give your practice a competitive advantage.

Perhaps your practice offers a diversified array of services? Maybe you offer a specialized orthodontic procedure or great financial plans for patients?

Whatever it is that will give your business a leading edge, make sure to promote this through all marketing channels.

Create a customized newsletter, brochures, business cards and social media strategy centered on your competitive edge.

2. Pin-Down Your Practice Culture :

Establishing the look, feel and function of your orthodontics practice sets the guideline for your business success.

Ultimately, your practice environment is what helps to keep both staff and customers satisfied and coming back for more.

The culture of your practice is shaped by a number of things:

  1. Your operating systems
  2. The demeanor of your staff
  3. Your communication
  4. Your business values
  5. Your leadership style

How you choose to decorate your practice space also goes a long way to establishing the culture of your business.

Make sure you translate who you are, what your practice stands for and values most through your office culture.

3. Take Stock of Inventory :

A great way to waste money? Keeping piles of stock which just aren’t being used.

Having the right amount of stock is vital to the success of your orthodontics practice. However, there is a fine line between too much and too little.

The only way to keep a handle on your business stock is to do a regular stock take and create an inventory system which keeps track of your spending.

An excess amount of stock which isn’t used can be seen as ”wasted money”. In order to minimize this, assign one person the duty of ordering stock.

Do a weekly stock take of your inventory as it needs to ensure patients are never left hanging because of missing parts!

4. Keep Your Practice Organized :

This is most important for exam rooms which are where your customers will spend most of their time.

Ultimately, a neat and organized exam room will help both you and your patient feel more comfortable.

This way, everything you need is within arm’s reach, and your patients can see you are a reliable professional.

Exam rooms or surgeries should ideally contain as little cabinetry or obstacles as possible. Portable trays and mobile units must be used for convenience and speed.

The same goes for your waiting room–make sure this area is kept neat, clean and well organized. Your waiting room or reception area is also the first impression of your practice.

Make sure your customers are greeted by a professional, elegant, warm and inviting space.

5. Streamline Staffing Schedules :

As any successful business person would tell you, happy staff make for a happy, productive business.

Using online scheduling software for your staff rosters can go a long way to keeping things streamlined and accessible.

There are numerous free scheduling programs available today. These allow you to manage your employee’s schedules simply and effectively.

These scheduling programs help to minimize admin time spent on creating staff rosters. They also allow employees easy access to all scheduling information for their own peace-of-mind.

6. Offer Financial Options :

In order to bring in business from an assortment of backgrounds, offering a range of payment options is necessary.

These payment options should typically range from all forms of insurance coverage, debit, credit, cash and specialized financing plans.

Specialized financing allows patients to access dental care when it’s needed most, without being restricted by financial circumstances.

7. Employ Well Trained Staff :

A successful business is only successful as its staff, so make sure yours are well trained and professional at all times.

Your customer’s first point-of-contact is generally a practice receptionist. This is where attitude, communication skills, and telephone manner are highly important.

Other practice staff and technicians should receive adequate training in all their given fields, including refresher courses when needed.

It’s highly important that your staff are also trained to carry themselves in a friendly, helpful manner at all times. This delivers the message that your business always puts the customer first.

8. Encourage Patient Reviews :

In today’s modern day-and-age, you have to make the most of technology and its pervasive power in business.

Google for registering your business is paramount to getting your business the exposure it needs. Additionally, patient reviews on Google increase your recognition ten-fold.

Encourage patients to leave an online review after their appointment. You can even incentivize these reviews with a free checkup.

9. Extend Your Business Hours :

Now, we understand this may not always be possible because a work-life balance is also important.

But extended or alternative business hours could give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

It could be something as simple as offering an extra business hour each day or operating on a Saturday until midday.

If your staff cannot commit to extended working hours, offer your personal services in emergencies. This way your patients know you’re always there for them.

10. Plan For the Future :

Businesses grow and change over time and so does consumer demand. This also applies to technology and dental techniques.

As a qualified professional and successful business, you will need to stay up-to-date with these changes in order to stay relevant.

Make sure you are always looking to the future. Make plans to keep up with consumer demand and update your practice techniques and equipment as and when needed.

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