Sinclair Broadcast Group Brings NEXTGEN TV To The Columbus, Ohio Area

by Technology 01 March 2021


 On January 7th of this year, there was a significant paradigm shift in how television broadcasts in the Columbus, Ohio, area. Four major local broadcast networks (WSYX, WCMH-TV, WWHO, and WTTE) transitioned away from traditional broadcast technologies to NEXTGEN TV, a groundbreaking new digital technology built on a framework similar to the internet. This new broadcast technology offers advantages traditional broadcasting can’t, such as the ability to broadcast in 4K Ultra High Definition and provide theater-quality sound. This change has helped modernize local television in the Columbus area and bring broadcasting there into the 21st century. Companies like Sinclair Broadcast Group, the owner and operator of WYSX, and other ABC affiliates across the country help facilitate these changes.

The Origins of NEXTGEN TV:

NEXTGEN TV’s origins can be traced back over a decade. Planned and developed by BitPath and powered by ATSC 3.0, NEXTGEN TV is the most significant leap in broadcast technology to date. The technology’s launch was coordinated across the four networks by BitPath as well, and all four networks are now charter members of this industry redefining broadcast data network.

Sinclair Broadcast Group and a History of Innovation:

It isn’t surprising these four networks transitioned to this revolutionary new technology. Sinclair Broadcast Group and broadcast groups like WCMH-TV owner Nexstar, WWHO owner Manhan, and WTTE owners Cunningham have a commitment to innovation in all their current operations, both in the Columbus area and nationwide. With the inspired leadership of these four media groups, we can rest assured that the future of broadcasting is bright and will always take into account the latest technologies and deliver customers the most modernized and cutting-edge experience.


The technology’s ability to integrate with 5G, the newest and most advanced wireless technology available on the market that offers speeds previously unheard of in the wireless space, further shows this modern, progressive experience. This ability to integrate with 5G assures consumers that this technology is future-proof and will provide them with the highest quality broadcasts and features for years to come.

Bringing Broadcasters into the Next Century of Media Consumption:

As you can see, the implementation of NEXTGEN TV in the Columbus, Ohio area will lead to significant innovations. This sophisticated technology’s performance will help broadcasters keep pace with the rest of the country, spearheaded by organizations and thought leaders in the space like the Sinclair Broadcast Group and their contemporaries.

About Sinclair Broadcast Group:

Sinclair is a diversified media company and leading provider of local sports and news. The Company owns and/or operates 23 regional sports network brands. Being one of the biggest names in the industry, it comes as no surprise that the company works and provides services to many other bodies and platforms and covers a wide market. Just to put things into perspective, the following numbers stand-

  • Nearly 200 Television Stations
  • Coverage in more than 90+ Markets in Different Geographical Regions.

When it comes to classifying the best news providers in the nation, the Sinclair Broadcast Group always finds a mention in any ranking list. It creates content by working with nearly all the established stations in the world. When it comes to content delivery, creation and dissemination, we are talking about all mediums ranging from television, channels, video programs, and even internet media.

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