Safe and Sound – 5 Clever Ways of Boosting Your Office’s Security

by Business Security Systems 02 November 2018

Amidst the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the office, it can be easy to overlook the matter of security. Unfortunately, many companies only implement stricter security measures in response to a data breach or break-in, and by then it’s too little, too late. Don’t put your workplace and staff members at risk by failing to see the importance of security. Instead, take stock of these five useful tips to ensure your office is ready for the worst-case scenario.

5 Clever Ways of Boosting Your Office’s Security

Upgrade Your Locks:

One of the most effective ways of boosting security in your workplace is to install smart door locks. These handy devices boast many convenient features, which can include anything from biometric scanning to the ability to lock and unlock the door remotely via a smartphone app. A significant advantage of using smart door locks is the fact that you can easily set permissions for who is authorized to enter a particular room and receive smartphone notifications in the event of unusual activity or a security alert.

Install CCTV:

CCTV cameras are a useful addition to any workplace for numerous reasons. Having visible security cameras in place is often enough of a deterrent for would-be criminals to leave your workplace alone. However, if a break-in were to happen, the footage could be used as evidence in a police investigation. Additionally, CCTV cameras can help employees feel safer at work, discourage staff theft, and even assist you in gaining a better understanding of the daily comings and goings of your workplace.

Be Vigilant with Cybersecurity:

As well as securing your business’s physical premises, it’s vital to ensure your cyber presence is protected too. A cyber attack can cause devastating damage to a company of any size. The average cost of a security breach in 2017 was a whopping $11.7m. To keep your business’s cybersecurity up to scratch, educate and train your employees on the importance of data security, invest in anti-virus and malware protection software, use two-factor authentication, back up all of your files, and use strong, complex passwords that you change regularly.

Use ID Badges:

Identification badges and guest passes help you to keep track of everyone that enters and leaves your workplace and are a simple way of beefing up the security at your facility. Employee tags or badges function as an immediate method of identification, and can also be used to restrict access to certain areas in the building. As well as protecting your staff, this is an effective way of keeping your business’s sensitive data safe. An added bonus is that you’ll never have to stress about forgetting an employee’s name again!

Hire a Receptionist:

Having a receptionist is an essential component in a secure workplace because it guarantees that everyone who enters your facility checks in through a single point of contact. Your receptionist can inspect the credentials and identification of everyone who’s looking to enter the building and inform other personnel of potentially suspicious behavior. If you already have a receptionist, endeavor to provide them with training on how to identify and handle different scenarios for their own safety as well as the rest of the staff on site.

When it comes to theft, break-ins, and security breaches of any nature, prevention is always better than the cure. Rather than putting your business at risk of damages and financial loss, get proactive with your security measures today – your staff will feel safer, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that’ll come from knowing you’re prepared to tackle any situation.

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