Why You Need To Consider Having Solenoid Locks In Your Office

by Business Security Systems 08 August 2019

Solenoid Locks

We live in a digital world where new technological advancements are transpiring on a daily basis. Many industries have now incorporated the use of digital technology to improve their overall efficiency, and the locksmithing industry is no exception. Today, we have a plethora of electric locking systems, solenoid locks being one of the most popular. Solenoid locks work through latch control which can either be magnetic or mechanical. An example of the solenoid lock includes using rotary solenoids which can be configured into self-restoring solenoids, self-restoring 3 position solenoids, and bi-stable solenoids.

Running a business means that you will have lots of valuable items, whether equipment or goods or customer information. This calls for tight security measures to ensure that all your assets are safe. Many organizations today have adopted the use of solenoid locks in their offices.  If you own a business and are wondering whether or not to have solenoid locks installed, here is why you definitely should.

Why You Need To Consider Having Solenoid Locks In Your Office:

1. Improved Security:

As mentioned, there are a lot of valuables that are found in the offices including documents, machinery, and equipment just to mention a few. Many offices still use the mechanical locking systems, but remember, technological advancements are being made in the locksmith industry and even traditional locks may be phasing out, especially for commercial properties.

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2. Improved monitoring and control:

Besides controlling the main entrance to your office, you can also use a solenoid lock to monitor, control, and restrict who has access to various part of the office. For example, you can have a solenoid lock in a room where you keep the important office documents. This, in turn, ensures that there won’t be cases where the documents will be available to third parties without your authorization.

The access control system is what controls the solenoid locks, which can be set selectively depending on different situations. The power-on locking solenoid, for instance, can be used in emergency exits. In case of wire disconnection caused by accidents or fire the power- on solenoid lock automatically unlocks the doors. On the other hand, the power-on unlocking solenoid cannot be accessible in cases of wire disconnection or power failure. This means that even when you are experiencing a power failure, no one can access areas that have valuables in your office.

3. Cost-effective:

Another advantage of using solenoid locks is that they are affordable and cost-effective. For one, there are solenoid locks of various types such as a bi-stable solenoid lock, self-restoring 3 position solenoid, and self-restoring solenoid, all of which vary in prices. This means that you are always assured of finding the perfect solenoid locks for your office that fits within your budget. Additionally, the fact that the solenoid locks do not use keys means that you no longer have to incur costs of replacing keys in cases where you or your employees would lose them.

4. You do not need to carry keys around:

Moving around with keys is now a thing of the past. For one, keys are lost all the time no matter how careful people are, and secondly, they can be too much to carry around. Solenoid locks eliminate the need to carry keys around, and you no longer have to worry that you won’t have access to your office because of losing or forgetting your keys.

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