What Exactly Is “Enterprise-Grade” Security?

by Business Security Systems 13 January 2022

Enterprise-Grade Security

“Enterprise-grade” security is an industry buzzword that you often hear but rarely see defined. What does enterprise-grade security mean, and how does it differ from standard cybersecurity?

In short, enterprise-grade refers to a level of security that extends beyond what an individual would need. It considers the specific needs of both internal and external enterprise-level security threats and offers scalability in kind with business growth.

An easy way of thinking about enterprise-grade security is by comparing it to the physical security systems seen in businesses. While a simple padlock may be enough to secure your home, a company needs lighting, security cameras, security guards, alarms, and more to keep its property safe. Enterprise-grade security takes that same principle to the world of bits and bytes.

How is enterprise-grade security used for businesses?

How is enterprise-grade security used for businesses?

Understanding what enterprise-grade security means is only the first step to gaining a holistic perspective of how businesses implement this type of security. One of the essential things about enterprise-grade security is understanding that it shouldn’t be complicated.

While IT professionals may understand the inner workings and complexities of some security features, the point of enterprise-grade security is making sure it can be implemented across all platforms and departments of your business, regardless of the user.

Software platforms like SUSE Rancher are beneficial for companies looking to upgrade their security features to enterprise-grade. These products centralize and monitor security components and focus on the nitty-gritty, allowing businesses peace of mind to interact across their business platforms, knowing their security is being protected.

Why is enterprise-grade security important to business owners?

Why is enterprise-grade security important to business owners?

Cyber security is more critical to business owners now more than ever. As more and more business is conducted online, more data becomes available for criminals to access. Business owners have a responsibility to keep data safe or face serious consequences.

Not only is the business’ data itself important to keep secure, but many businesses have financial and personal information on their customers and business partners, and they will be liable if any of this data makes its way into the wrong hands.

To be a modern business owner is to understand that you are constantly at risk of cyber security threats and that you should always be taking precautions to protect yourself, your customers, and your business.

Enterprise-grade security is all about risk management. A security system of this magnitude should consider more than just privacy but ordinary forms of security precautions as well. Safeguards such as employee education, network performance monitoring, government compliance, data encryption, appropriate data sorting, and so much more are necessary to protect a business.

Wrap Up

Enterprise-grade security refers to the level of protection that businesses need to safeguard themselves from any cyber security threats.

While there is no clear set of standards that define enterprise-grade, it is an umbrella term that includes a systemic level of security across an entire business.

If you’re a business owner and you’re not sure where to start, consider consulting with a cybersecurity firm to seal any gaps in your defense strategy.

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