Top 5 Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is The Best Technology

by Technology 09 May 2022

Ruby on Rails

Ruby has been around for about 24 years, and the RoR Rails framework has been roughly for more than 15 years. Despite its evolution, Ruby on Rails is still one of the best web development choices today.

Ruby on Rails is well-known for its functionality, ease of use, and robustness. This is why many makers prefer to use it as the basis of their undertakings.

Are you considering switching to Ruby on Rails or hiring Ruby on Rails development services for an upcoming project? And what is ruby on rails?

What Is Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a Ruby programming language web application framework. Its innovative approach had a significant impact on web development

Since its initial release in 2004, it has been used to create hundreds of thousands of applications, including the massively popular Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, SoundCloud, and Zendesk.

A few words about Ruby on Rails

The model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern underpins Ruby on Rails. It includes the default database, web server, and view structures. When you choose RoR, you get everything you need to create a fully functional application. 

It has seen widespread use in IT management and has helped many companies like Twitter, Hulu, Asana, Airbnb, and Groupon.

It also provides over 60,000 libraries with a variety of frameworks. Most importantly, it is a dynamic and accessible format language, which means you can begin writing code at any point in a line or column. Read through the factors. You have to know all the details of the features for getting a ruby on rails job.

Some Additional Features Include:

Most of the ruby on rails tutorials cover all these features. You can go through the details of the features and find out why this programming language is so popular.

  • Object-oriented language
  • Multi-platform
  • Extensible and flexible
  • Format-free
  • OS independent
  • Open-source
  • Exceptionally portable
  • Multi patching
  • Case sensitive
  • An active community
  • Smart garbage collector 

What Is Ruby On The RoR or Rails Programming?

What Is Ruby On The RoR or Rails Programming

Is the ruby vs ruby on rails the same? Ruby on the Rails framework, known as the Rails language, was established in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson while performing at the Basecamp codes– a project management tool. 

He officially released the rails as an open-source programming language in July 2004 (that’s how old is ruby on rails), and it has since become prevalent for web development.

It is favored by both developers and startups seeking to create world-class intuitive products. The main reason is that it provides one of the most fertile platforms for developing websites and server-side applications. Its agility and rapid development also fuel its popularity. On GitHub, this framework has received over 45,000 stars.

How Popular Is Ruby?

Ruby was named the 14th most prevalent using programming language globally in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020, with 7.1 percent of respondents being Ruby on Rails developers. These figures show Ruby language popularity. Do you know when to use ruby on rails?

Why Use Ruby On Rails?

Furthermore, the Ruby on Rails programming language is an MVC (model view controller) based framework, an architectural pattern that divides the web application into model, view, and controller components. Whereas the model is concerned with data-related logic, the view is concerned with UI logic, and the controller is the interface between the model and the view.

What Can I Do With Ruby On Rails?

You may be wondering when to use ruby on rails or what ruby on rails can be used for – well, this section will tell you about the platforms that you can quickly build using RoR:

  • Most Valuable Players (Minimum viable products)
  • Larger projects with more complicated databases
  • Warehouse stock management portals
  • eCommerce sites with interactive storefronts, browsing, and purchasing capabilities
  • Managed IT services
  • Websites for social networking, dating, and classified ads
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Other informational websites

Why Use Ruby On Rails – Top 5 Reasons

Why Use Ruby On Rails – Top 5 Reasons

The most critical question now is why to choose Ruby on Rails or why it is Ruby on Rails is popular. To better understand this, consider some of the advantages/benefits of the Ruby on Rails programming language over other languages. 

1. Developer-Friendly And Easy To Learn

Ruby is widely employed in the development world, and its favor stems primarily from its optimized and concise syntax. It is as close to English as it could be. As a result, getting started with Ruby on Rails is never tricky for developers.

The documentation for Ruby and RoR is well-managed and well-written, so you should have no trouble learning them.

Reading, comprehending, and writing RoR code is simple for web developers. The Ruby on Rails framework is simple to learn, but it is also developer-friendly in other ways. Compared to other web development options, it allows coders to write less and cleaner code.

Another advantage of learning Ruby on Rails is that it is in high demand, which can help developers quickly find good jobs in any Ruby on Rails Development Company.

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2. Secure And Reliable

Ruby on Rails powers the backends of dozens of well-known and successful project executions, including Shopify, SoundCloud, CrunchBase, Zendesk, and Airbnb. These corporations have been using RoR for years, demonstrating that the technology is also dependable for your project. Because of its robustness, it is used to develop dynamic web portals.

RoR employs the REST API, which requires developers to use standard protocols for their web applications to keep them secure. Its quality and security assurance process includes many security and injection-related checks. Another reason for RoR’s secure code is automated testing and clean code.

3. Fastens Development Process

Ruby on Rails remains the best choice for developers for various legitimate reasons, whether it is an enterprise application or an e-commerce development requirement. The apparent reasons are speed and efficiency, which can be achieved while coding.

Compared to other programming languages, developing a project with RoR takes less time. It could be as little as half of the total development time. It occurs because you can write Ruby code more quickly. In addition, compared to Java, Python, or PHP, Ruby requires less code to implement something.

Because RoR does not rely on configurations, you can work more quickly while using it.

4. A Big Developers’ Community To Back You

As previously stated, RoR is an open-source technology with a sizable developer community. Thousands of tech geeks work to keep the technology up to date and bug-free. Such frequent updates and extensions have assisted RoR in remaining usable and launching new code libraries for re-use.

There are multiple resources unrestricted to you that you will never struggle to find a solution to your problem if you become stuck. In addition, you can hire or seek the assistance of other Ruby on Rails application development as needed, as there are a plethora of these experts available everywhere.

5. Clean, Reusable, And Extensible Code

We’ve already mentioned it. The code in Ruby for the Rail Framework projects is perfectly optimized. When using RoR, a Ruby on Rails Development organization can write it with minor codes while accomplishing more. It assists developers in writing clean, extensible code.

Even if you intend to modify and expand the capabilities of your web app in the future, you will make it simple for you to do so. Furthermore, RoR has many reusable code libraries that can help you reduce coding time and complexity in your projects.


Ruby on Rails is a dependable web development framework that can quickly be used to create high-performance web applications. Ruby on rails web apps is responsible and fast. The technology has been used for decades and will continue to be used for a long time so that you can rely on it.

It is an excellent choice for content management systems and project development and also a perfect selection for e-commerce portal development, social media platform development, and forum development. However, because of the cost involved in developing such solutions, it is not a good choice if you want to run a simple blogging or one-page website.

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