What’s Custom Software Development In 2021?

by Technology Published on: 18 November 2021 Last Updated on: 19 November 2021

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Each year, custom build software development processes are leading a new direction.  

These new technological advancements are changes and show us a different attitude towards the customer’s behavior and preference changes. These changes have had a significant impact on the COVID 19 outbreak. And these custom software development technological advancements are minimizing the pandemic’s harmful impact.

Let’s see what types of technological advancements are making an impact on the COVID-19 outbreak.

4 Top Custom Software Development In 2021

4 Top Custom Software Development In 2021

All provided with explanations of their value given by Emerline, a software development company that helps businesses from all across the globe to adapt to new environments and stay ahead of the competition with tailor-made tech-savvy solutions.    

Here are the four top custom software development trends of 2021.

1. Custom Software Development Trend #1: Process Automation

Emeline’s software development team deals with process automation every day, unlocking its value for businesses and witnessing how it becomes more and more prevalent with each passing year. 

And considering the fact that in 2020 a lot of startups and successful companies faced the shock of the pandemic and were pushed to look for efficient ways that will help to wake their business up from the stagnation, automation projects doubled in numbers. 

That is for sure, in the newly-shaped environment, this custom software development trend will remain with us in the coming year, allowing those who use automation software to get to the level of critical efficiency and making those who didn’t consider automation software implementation survive in the fierce competition. 

2. Custom Software Development Trend #2: Integration

With a wide range of business tools presented on the market, modern and demanded software solutions need to offer their users the best working mixture. And while meeting this demand with the development of all the needed tools from scratch can actually lead to remarkably high spendings, there’s always an option for integration. And this is the exact reason why integration services are on the rise.

At a professional custom software development company, specialists not just help with the establishment of the required integrations but also provide comprehensive consultations that include business analysis with recommendations on the best-fitting tools to include. And in case there’s no tool to meet some business need, there’s always an option to develop it from scratch. 

3. Custom Software Development Trend #3: Machine Learning (ML)

There are various technologies used today that are used for the adoption of commercial solutions to specific business issues, and one of the most promising ones is Machine Learning. 

Still, the development, training, and testing of ML models require lots of dedication and professionalism. So regardless of the solution, whether it is for finance, insurance, or healthcare, choosing a reliable and trusted vendor for ML development is a must. 

For example, there’s an R&D (Research and Development) department at the custom software development company that deals with the latest innovations and has access to some even before their official release. And it’s a bright green light for companies that look for something unique yet want to ensure that the delivered innovation will perform at its best. 

4. Custom Software Development Trend #4: Cloud

Custom Software Development Trend #4: Cloud

Statistics show that 94% of businesses have already moved from on-premises systems to the cloud, and for good reasons. Cloud software solutions offer access anywhere and anytime, being comparatively affordable in terms of price, come at predictable costs, provide excellent levels of security, are easily scalable and quick in terms of deployment. 

When choosing a technology partner, it’s essential to be comfortable with the cloud platforms your vendor works with. For example, Emerline teams are proficient in the use of the Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Apache CloudStack, Rackspace Cloud, and others

Collaboration with a custom software development company for cloud projects starts with the analysis of business requirements, assessment of the cost and technological benefits, their comparison, and the resulting advice on whether the transition is sufficiently profitable. 


All of the above mentation technologies can be continued with the blockchain, chatbots, and AR. Depending upon the business goals and variations are determining how the variations are determining the success of the delivered solutions. Every latest trend of custom software development is providing you with the best solutions. And you have to be picky when you are going to select your development provider company.

The tip here is to contact the vendor’s representatives, receive consultations, see if they fit your vision, explore the company’s portfolio, read some Clutch reviews, etc. In this way, you can ensure that the vendor is worthy of your trust and capable of providing you with the solution you want and need.   

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