What Should You Do Before You Request an SEO Quote?

by How to Guides 14 October 2020

SEO Quote

Before You Ask for an SEO Quote, You Should Check the Results Produced by the Agency!

SEO is one of the best online marketing methods. It is a long-term method that you can use to grow your business continuously. In recent years it became popular and sought after. At the same time, more and more SEO agencies appeared. But not all of them can produce very good results. You need to use some methods and find out the skill levels of the agency’s SEO experts. So, before you request an SEO quote, you should research the site of the agency.

The first step is to check the results that the agency can produce. Luckily, most agencies share them on their website, and you can find a lot of important information that will help you make a better decision. There are a few key points that you should look after.

  • Period. Before you ask for an SEO quote from an agency, you need to check its abilities. You need to check the results and see the period of collaboration between the agency and its client. If the results are older than six months, then you should ignore them. Why? Because search engines update their algorithms very fast and the methods used by the agency six months ago are no longer reliable. Only recent results will guarantee that the agency has high skill levels.


  • Initial ranks. Next, you need to look for the initial ranks to understand where the client was when the cooperation began. The increase in positions and the speed of doing so depends on the state of the site. For example, a new website will increase its ranks very fast, and the results may seem incredible. But the hard part starts only after the site reaches the top 20. From there, the difficulty rises exponentially with every rank.


  • Final ranks. You also need to look for the final ranks achieved by the agency during the collaboration. They are a deciding factor in understanding the skill levels of an agency. The higher the growth is, the better the agency is. Also, you can set your goals based on this. If you want to reach the first page, then you should look for an agency that has the skills to do that.


  • The site. Check the website of the client and visit it. Make sure that it is real and check the validity of the results showcased by the SEO agency. Do not request an SEO quote before you check the results. The simplest method to do that is to search the keywords and see if the ranks match with what the agency presented. You can also find online tools that will help you do the same thing.

After you found an agency that matches your needs, then you can go to the next step. But if you are unsure, then you can make more checks. Most agencies have a news/blog section. There you can see exactly how the agency works and the skills it has. Reading the articles, you can also learn more about the SEO industry. And this will be very helpful in the future.

Speak with the Agency’s Clients Before You Get Your SEO Quote!

If you do not want to base your decision on the claims made by the agency, and you do not want to base your decision on the information found on their site, then you need to find and communicate with their clients. So, before you ask for an SEO quote, you can check the reviews of the agency and contact its past clients.

Although most agencies have real reviews, if you are skeptical, then you can send an e-mail or call a few clients of the agency. Not only will you be able to check the truthfulness of the reviews, but you can also find out more information about the agency. Doing this will help you get an idea about how good will be the collaboration that you will have in the future. You should focus on finding three types of information.

  • The veracity of the claims. You need to make sure that the SEO agency is trustable. You can’t just send an SEO quote without having any interaction with them. So, you can ask the agency’s clients about the promises that you found on the site. If they confirm that everything is real, then it will be safer for you to work with the agency.


  • Understanding and communication. Find out as much as possible about how smooth the discussion is. Keep in mind that some of the agency’s clients didn’t communicate too much. They just used the services and didn’t bother too much. So, you should speak with a few more of them until you find someone that interacted more with the agency. Communication is essential, and it will help you maximize the results that you will get.


  • The reliability of the agency. The trustworthiness of the agency does not only mean if they produce the promised results or not. It also means that the agency is transparent with its clients, does not exaggerate the facts, and it does not cut corners on the work done. You do not want to get the minimum results promised. You want to get as much value as possible for the money that you spent. So, you should try to find out how reliable is the agency from its past clients.

Only after you had done your research thoroughly should you request the quote. You should not trust any agency blindly. There are scammers in every segment of the online market, and you should take the minimum precautions before you work with anyone. It’s better to spend a few more days to find a reliable partner than lose your money and get nothing in return. You can also judge the quote based on the information contained in it. Depending on the information that you will obtain, you can have some expectations about the results you will get in the future.

What Can You Expect to Get from an SEO Quote?

SEO Quote

The incentives used by the SEO agencies differ from one to another. Some of them are stingier, and others are more generous. Some of them will offer useful information, while others will give useless data. The quality of the SEO quote is essential because you can see what the agency wants. If they want only your money, then you won’t get very much. If their goal is to help you, then they will give you the information that you need.

There are two different types of quotes that most agencies like to offer. Some of them will even give you all the information at the same time.

  • Initial business analysis. When you request a quote, then you may get as an incentive an initial business analysis. And this will help you understand your site better. You will know what is dragging your site’s ranks down. The research can contain many types of data, and it differs from agency to agency. The data is collected by some online tools and presented to you as a bonus. These tools cost money, and it is better to get them for free from the agency.


  • SEO plan and strategy. Sometimes you can get a personalized SEO plan or strategy for your website. You will be able to see the best direction for your site. But you will still need the services of the agency to be able to implement that plan most effectively. If you do not understand the strategy or you have any questions, then you can call the agency anytime, and you will get all the answers that you want.

In some rare cases, an agency will even offer both the business analysis and the SEO plan at the same time. Although it is rare, some agencies are very generous, and this showcases that they want to help you. Using the services of this type of agency will ensure that you get the maximum amount on returns for your investments.

Also, the amount of money asked by the agency is a necessary factor as well. You do not need to always go to the most expensive and reputable agencies to be able to get the best results. Most companies will not get a high return if they use the services of these agencies. Why? Because the fees are too high and the online business is too small, and it will not be able to grow fast enough. Only big companies can make a generous return from their investments in these agencies.

You do not need to worry. It does not mean that you can’t find a reliable agency that will be able to produce the maximum amount of results possible. Many agencies have excellent skills, but they are not famous yet. And their prices are also very reasonable. So, you only need to do your research thoroughly and take it seriously.

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