7 Ways Hemp Can Impact The Planet In A Positive Way

by How to Guides 06 October 2020

Hemp Can Impact

The Hemp Plant is one of the oldest ones grown from the earliest days of human civilization. In fact, many historians state that hemp was one of the first crops grown by mankind because of its multifaceted use.

Our ancestors were using hemp in multiple ways. Right from processing it as a rope to tie things or carry objects on animals to creating eco-friendly footwear, which was sturdy and reliable. In fact, hemp was preferred because of its easy availability, durability, and high tensile strength.

In this article, we are going to discuss seven ways hemp can impact the planet in a positive way. With Global Warming and Climate Change being a by-product of rapid deforestation, we will analyze how hemp can help us with these challenges.

List of 7 Ways Hemp can Impact the Planet in a Positive Way

1. Hemp improves Soil Fertility-

The stem and roots of the hemp plant are highly nutrient-rich in nature. Even after harvesting the hemp plant, the soil remains very fertile. This can be a great way to increase agricultural productivity and ensure that hunger is reduced across the world.

2. Hemp can make Biodegradable Plastics-

Yes, you read that right. There are a lot of studies and scientific research going into transforming hemp into biodegradable plastic. This can also offer a solution to the world’s toxic plastic supply and help save the environment in a major way.

3. Hemp is a Renewable Biofuel-

If you are looking at alternative sources of energy, which are planet friendly, look no further than hemp. In the past few years, some of the best hemp processing companies are offering green energy solutions by using hemp as a renewable biofuel.

4. Hemp can be used to make Paper-

Deforestation is a major cause of global warming and climate change. The world’s ever-increasing use for felling trees to make paper is leading to a drastic alteration of our natural environment. Hemp is a simple, easy, and cost-effective solution to make paper.

5. CBD derived from Hemp has great medicinal use-

The last few years have seen increasing research going to the creation of CBD  products from hemp. From helping cancer patients to alleviating joint pains and skin issues, CBD use is slowly growing all over the world. CBD is derived from hemp and not from a marijuana plant.

6. Hemp can help Build Homes-

Rather than cutting down forests for building homes, hemp can be used as a great source of construction. In fact, hemp is easier to obtain, is very affordable, and as sturdy and durable as wood. Hemp has also been found to be non-toxic and is very mold-resistant.

7. Hemp helps Control Soil Erosion-

Farmers in different parts of the world are growing hemp to protect soil erosion. Being a sturdy and weather-resistant plant, the hemp plant can grow anywhere. Hemp can not only help soil erosion, but also hemp farmers in crop rotation as it is highly nutrient-rich.

The Final Word

Many people wrongly club hemp and marijuana in the same light. However, there are some major differences between the two. The major difference being the THC levels, which contribute to creating the drug, which makes one feel high.

The THC percentage in the hemp plant is very less. In fact, they lie less than one percent. Meanwhile, the THC level in the marijuana plant rests somewhere in the seven percent to twenty percent levels. Hemp is not marijuana and cannot be used to get intoxicated in any way.

Its major uses are industrial and agricultural in nature. This is why many new businesses are now coming up in the hemp ecosystem.

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