Real Estate Technology Can Be A Tool For Realtors, Not A Threat 

by Technology Published on: 15 December 2022 Last Updated on: 16 December 2022

Real Estate Technology

Consumers are always looking for better deals and simpler buying processes for the products and services they want and need. Real estate technology realtors can have various types of tools.

The larger the purchase is, the more this rings true. More and more millennials and other young real estate buyers have embraced real estate technology to assist them with their real estate transactions. And the reality is that this is a good thing for real estate agents who are equipped to provide transparent and quality services to homebuyers and sellers.

The good news for real estate agents worrying how digital technology may reduce their role or make them obsolete is that there’s nothing to fear. Real estate technology is as much of a tool for them as it is for consumers.

How To Use The Real Estate Technology For A Realtor?

Learn how realtors can harness real estate technology to boost their businesses.

Real Estate Technology For A Realtor

Reach For More People

Digital real estate technology specializes in making connections. Leading property technology allows buyers and sellers to describe their wants and budget before letting agents appeal to them with offers. Agents are wise to seize the opportunities handed to them by digital tools.

The real estate platform Nobul, created by Regan McGee, pairs buyers and sellers with the agent who works best for that client.

McGee may be a digital pioneer, but he understands agents will remain an indispensable part of the industry. He explained to Toronto Life in an interview, 

I see technological advancements like Nobul and in other areas as being tools for real estate agents. I don’t think agents will ever be replaced by technology, which is a concern for some in the industry. Buyers will continue to want big, personal decisions to be facilitated by professional, knowledgeable and most importantly effective agents.

Technology can do many things, but an expert’s insights, professional dedication, and personal touch are irreplaceable.

Rewards Honesty

Real estate has not always been synonymous with transparency in the past. Sometimes, buyers, agents, and sellers had access to different data sets.

Modern real estate platforms encourage and reward transparency in a few ways. On Nobul, for one. Homebuyers and sellers can simply list their criteria, and if an agent feels they could match it, they can appeal directly to the client.

Plus, users can submit verified reviews of their agents and read these reviews before agreeing to work with one. Don’t rely on a real estate technology platform that accepts money from agents to get listed or ranked! This seriously undermines their credibility.

Leverage Big Data

They say data and analytics are to the digital age what oil was to the industrial age. The algorithms secretly working in the background to power platforms are a game-changer not just for homebuyers but realtors too.

Once buyers describe what they want in a home and list their budget, the algorithm will scrape the market until an available home meets the criteria.  The real estate technology industry is also within reach of big data services.

The agent will love having real estate technology tools that send curated listings to clients as soon as they hit the market. This can give a homebuyer an edge in a competitive marketplace where bidding wars still occur.

Real estate tech platforms analyze millions of real estate transactions, and that’s a tool realtors can’t ignore.

Virtual Tours

Finally, international buyers can use virtual tours to walk through a property across the world from the comfort of their living room. Reading about a property is one thing, but nothing replaces seeing it with your own eyes.

New real estate technology is too powerful to ignore. Realtors who embrace modern tools instead of fearing them will empower their clients and take their careers to new heights. Virtual 3D tours are creating a powerful tool. 

If you are thinking of impressing your consumers, then this is the best procedure. Apart from impressing the consumers, hence you start to upload videos online, you will get a better response from your consumers. Even your clients will go to show interest in your property without visiting there.

Adopt Real Estate Technology And Impress Your Client Online

Adopt Real Estate Technology And Impress Your Client Online

Every type of technology for real estate agents brings new changes to the industry. These technical utilities are very attractive for any real estate agent and dealers.

Keep tapping on these factors, and then you can impress your clients online. Like every other sector, the real estate sector is also dealing with multiple types of data.

So if you want to grow in this field, it will be better to use every kind of data. What is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion through the comment sections.


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