10 Qualities of a Great Realtor Website

by Real Estate Published on: 10 April 2018 Last Updated on: 20 September 2018

Realtor Website

After a sharp drop back in 2008, the real estate market recovered and is now rising as years go by.

That said, the market for realtors has some fierce competition nowadays, especially with the digital age. A lot of people now go to the internet and find reviews for real estate marketing companies and other similar businesses.

Now that most people can access the internet, it sets a higher bar on what constitutes a great realtor website. There are a lot of tips that you can use to improve your website and make it look professional. However, to know the tips you can use, you should know more about the qualities of a great website.

While you can improve sales by making yourself more confident with marketing, here are 10 qualities you should know to make your business more attractive online.

1. A Solid Domain Name :

The race to get a good domain name is becoming fiercer. So if an ideal domain name for your website is already taken, be flexible.

Use your good sense when choosing the name since you can still use a different extension if the “.com” address that you want already got taken. However, don’t go for “.net” or use hyphens to maintain a great realtor website address.

2. A Clear Business Identity :

When you’re looking to stand out from your competitors, keep your identity visible. Be concise with your text and don’t clutter your website with design and ads. You don’t need to use a lot of buzzwords to make yourself look professional–a great realtor website shows it off through a clear identity.

If you want an example of a good, simple website design with a clear identity, read more here.

3. A Visible Contact Information :

There’s the concept that people who access the internet often have short attention spans, especially if they’re fixated on finding a specific kind of information. Don’t let them do an online excavation to get to your company’s information.

A professional realtor website has a “Contact Us” link at the upper right of the screen, where people can see your phone, email, and physical address along with a contact form.

3. A Good Navigation :

Your website’s navigation is like its GPS. When designing your realtor website, make sure that your key pages are easy to locate. People need to find the important information fast, or they’ll turn to your competitors that have easy-to-access content.

4. Well-Constructed Pages :

Your realtor website should always have ease-of-use as its top priority. It’s a combination of good navigation, proper use of links and callouts, and noticeable display of information. Always make sure that your website is both informative and attractive to your potential customers’ eyes.

Make sure that it’s easier for people to find critical information quickly. You need a professional bio that includes your contact details. That way, people can trust you more with their business.

5. Good and Relevant Content :

As a realtor website, you don’t want to put out content irrelevant to your business. Think about the things that your potential clients might take an interest in at all times. If your website maintains a blog, make sure that you put in real estate marketing content like increasing sales or how to sell off their property with the help of a realtor.

Good content isn’t just interesting; it’s also fresh and well-constructed. Your visitors have short attention spans, so grab their attention with interesting facts. Be clear, straight to the point, and use proper grammar and spelling.

6. Functional and Interactive :

Your realtor website serves a purpose, which often boils down to the services you offer. Make sure that you give your users an interactive experience. There are a lot of ways for you to do so, from connecting with you through a contact form to letting them find a list of houses they can buy.

In this competitive landscape, make sure to come up with innovative ways to increase your website’s functionality. The more interactive your website is, the more professional it appears to your potential customers. In the end, you gain more business and more people recommend you.

7. Optimized and Responsive :

When you build your website, make sure it’s optimized to run smoothly no matter what device people use to access it. It should have fast loading speeds since a lot of people click away from slow websites.

A recent study proves that businesses lose a total of $117 million per year because of slow website speeds.

Your website should be fast when presenting content to its visitors. The average website loading speed is 2 seconds. If your website takes more time to load at normal internet speeds, it’s too slow to compete against other businesses.

8. Scalable for the Long Run :

You need to make sure that your website can support a lot of people in the long run. You need to make sure that it can scale no matter how many visitors you have at any given time. You also need to make your user interface scaleable along with its back-end database, APIs, and services.

9. Secure and Safe :

While a lot of normal users don’t worry much about security, it doesn’t mean that you have to slack off. There are a lot of standards and guidelines you need to follow to make your realtor website safe and secure.

If you allow your users to make accounts on your website to access exclusive services, you need to make the passwords encrypted and not displayed in plain text at the least.

Make sure that your website uses SSL encryption. If you’re not familiar with it, ask for professionals to do the job for you. More security makes your customers trust you more with their business.

10. Build a Better Realtor Website Today!

The internet serves as a great platform to advertise your real estate marketing business. The wide audience it gives makes it a necessity if you want to compete in today’s market. However, to become the top choice, you need to have these great website qualities.

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