Best Types Of Quality SEO Links To Consider

by Marketing 01 December 2022

SEO Links

Link building can improve your SEO efforts. Search engines will recognize your site as relevant within your industry, and other brands will use it as a reference when ranking your site.

You can use the footer SEO links. The footer links SEO is a wide site link. Footer links are the type of links that just appear on the side of the website.

Using the best quality SEO links consistently is essential since too many low-quality links can harm search engine rankings and quality. Therefore, this article will determine the best types of SEO links to consider and more.

Embedding the SEO links

Embedding the SEO links in content ensures quality and connects it to another website or web page. These can be written, illustrated, or even video files. SEO can benefit from them since they show industry authority and trust. 

Search engines consider some dimensions when deciding if a link is suitable for marketing. Your industry will influence topic relevance, trustworthiness, audience value, and reliability. Your company website or web page can use several backlinks.

A website uses three main types of SEO links. 

  • Internal — An internal link connects content on the same website. Websites use them to direct visitors to other pages. By building links, you can keep visitors on your website, thus increasing your overall domain traffic. Your domain’s authority increases as your audience stay on your website for longer. 
  • Outbound — An outbound link, also known as an external link, directs you to another website. With it, you can share resources, such as audience and information, with other sites in your field. Clients commonly use these links to find additional information. 
  • Inbound — It’s also called a backlink — a link to your website from another site within your industry. These links help websites rank higher in search results by appearing trustworthy to search engines. 
types of SEO links

With a basic understanding of the different types of SEO links and the types that are available for SEO, let’s examine them in more detail. When used effectively, links can demonstrate to search engines that your site is reliable and trustworthy.

With backlinks, there are two types to consider:

Backlinks like these are the SEO links that someone else creates for your website without asking. It is a common way that websites and bloggers within a similar industry share information with their audiences that they recommend in their posts.

When a website shares your content or social media without your interference, this shows that it is valuable to others. Links of this type can also be a great way to show your value to Google, which is why link-building is so effective. 

A manual backlink is the opposite of a natural backlink because it is something you ask for from another website. You can get these links by asking bloggers or other website creators if they will link to your website within their content. 

You can purchase the SEO links, such as press releases or guest posts. Besides, for instance, a link-building expert may provide you with manual backlinks by introducing you to the three-way link exchange technique that involves the agreement between two websites to exchange links.

Quality content is crucial to getting free promotions. Backlinks and links can impact SEO, so make sure other websites see that what you write is worth reading. Additionally, you must consider the anchor text you use when incorporating SEO links into your website and the type of links used. An anchor is a highlighted or hyperlinked portion of text containing a link. 

The bad SEO links are low-quality backlinks that lower Google’s impression of your site. Whether you created them, such links are spammy, toxic, and unnatural.

With the sheer size of the web, identifying suspicious links leading to your site is an enormous challenge. Thanks to hosting the free and paid tools, you can turn your monumental task into the simple one.

Some of these wrong links might include:

  • Comment Spam
  • Paid Links That Pass PageRank
  • Excessive Link Exchanges
  • Excessive Guest Post Links
  • Sitewide Links
  • Links Embedded in Widgets
  • Links from Low-Quality Directories
  • Links Created with Automated Programs
  • Links from Unrelated Sites
Editorial Backlinks

Links like this are the most effective SEO links and are also free. It allows your audience to discover quality posts for free.

Backlinks from editorial resources make your brand look relevant and trustworthy since they are authentic. 


The primary purpose of these links is to help your business gain quality backlinks. The best quality SEO links can help your business rank highly in search engine results. What are your concerns about the SEO links? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.

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