Complete Guide On Best SEO Strategies To Improve Your NFT’s Website

by Marketing 27 December 2022

SEO Strategies

NFTs are hot topics because the industry is quite lucrative. Many people often see NFTs as merely a piece of art. But there is more to NFTs than just a piece of art. The utilities of NFTs are what makes them so widespread.

If you are new to the NFT industry, you may have a website where you showcase NFTs or talk about NFTs; you may have wondered how to improve the website’s performance. One of the most effective ways to improve the conversion rate of an NFT website is with NFT SEO.

NFT SEO makes your content more visible by making search engines display your content for the right search queries. Below, we discuss some of the many NFT SEO strategies to improve your website.   

Pinpoint keyword ranking

Pinpoint keyword ranking

At the top of our list, the first strategy is researching high-potential keywords. But when searching for the keywords, consider the search volume and the ranking position. These two features are essential because it helps you sieve out those high-quality keywords. Note that the fewer clicks a keyword has, the further its ranks from the first page on search engines.

When identifying those keywords, aim to pick those that rank in the top ten. Anything that ranks outside the top ten will only give you almost negligible traffic. Another trick you can use to determine which keyword is better is observing those already ranking at the top of search engines. Then, based on your research, you can fine-tune your content to get better results. Also, add contextualized internal linking to make each page on your platform web interlinked.

Use Schema for better opportunities

Use Schema for better opportunities

In case you have yet to hear about Schema, it is a database that helps search engines understand the information on your website. When done right, especially with high-quality NFT SEO you can, search engines will prefer your content compared to the several competitors. What better way to get more out of your NFT website than by capitalizing on the database search engines use to understand your website?

To take advantage of the Schema database, you must first understand what type of result it presents for each search query. Based on the result, you can target a specific audience with your content. So, you can better optimize the content to suit your audience. Remember that no one content fits all. You must adapt your content and structure it properly to make it suitable and compatible with a set result.

Build authoritativeness

Build authoritativeness

Another NFT SEO strategy that will help improve your website performance is building authoritativeness. The way you present your content to your audience says a lot about how they will perceive you. For example, if your content is too opinion focused, it makes your audience feel they need to verify whatever content you provide. Your platform might be new, but you can still present your content as an authority.

To build authoritativeness, you need to present factors to your audience. For any claim, you present, back it up with a reliable source. Speak more facts on your platform. Internal linking and even external linking can help you establish authoritativeness. Particularly when trying to update your audience with something new in the NFT industry, it helps to cite your source for certain facts. 

Improve users’ experience

Improve users' experience

Finally, your users’ experience should never be compromised for no reason. Many people make the mistake of compromising performance for aesthetics on their platform. While aesthetics go a long way in helping your platform stand out if it comes at the expense of how fast your platform loads or the general responsiveness of your platform, then it’s not worth it.

When you take advantage of NFT SEO, it helps users get real value for their search query. Users’ experience only deteriorates when, for their search query, your platform needs to provide them with the answer they seek. Users also love to get answers to their search queries quickly. It will help to present the user with the answer they need and other relevant information below. Using this strategy gives the user the option of choosing to stay back to get more info.

Overall, NFT SEO is an excellent way to improve your NFT website. And the best part is that it is one of the most affordable options to get the best result long-term. So, if you still need to take advantage of NFT SEO, now is your opportunity to get on board.


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