How To Develop A Compelling Brand Story & Execute Purpose-Driven Marketing In The Digital Age

by Marketing 31 May 2023

Purpose-Driven Marketing In The Digital Age

Stories are a way to attract others, and businesses have long monopolized the way to capture their audience with an excellent narrative. Audiences can connect with the story behind a product or service.

Customers like brands they can find relevance with and relate to, creating a connection to keep them coming back. Telling a compelling brand story provides a pathway to ensure your marketing efforts have a purpose in this digital age. Having a solid brand identity allows more visibility and awareness from consumers; to do so, you must have a good story.

What Is A Brand Story?

What Is A Brand Story?

Your business’ brand story is a way to bring value to your company. Many brands tend to gravitate toward highlighting the story of how they came to be or the “who” behind how it all began, but there aren’t any limitations to what makes a compelling story and will reach your audience.

Brand stories are meant to rely upon the facts and events that communicate precisely who you are to those interested in your products and services; it supplies the ideals you represent, how you solve a problem, and what your brand represents plus a clear vision on your advertising models like cpc vs. cpm and which one would fit your brand well.

Besides the facts, you also need to ensure that your story gives something for your audience to connect to, giving it a more humanized appearance. Consider updating and revamping your story occasionally – since business is ever-changing, your brand also applies as your company grows and changes.

Building a brand story allows your audience to associate with you in some way and leaves an impression. A brand story has the power to create a positive and lasting impact on consumers. It’s a major indicator that can have people look at something, hear or see something, and immediately think about your business. Fostering a relationship that provides familiarity along with trust is a way to use your brand story as a tool to grow and scale.

How To Develop A Compelling Brand Story

Before diving into brand development, your business should examine what makes a brand story compelling to its audience. Here are some of the essential elements that should be included when you create your brand narrative:

  • Genuine and authentic meaning that creates an emotional connection
  • A clear purpose for the brand within the story
  • The consistency that can be found across all campaigns, ads, web pages, and marketing efforts
  • What makes your business stand out above the rest in your industry or realm (what sets your brand apart to make it more unique and meaningful)
  • Addressing pain points for the consumer
  • The values that your brand cultivates and stands behind

It takes a lot of planning to develop your story. Some principles that you can follow when designing the narrative include the following:

  1. Connect with your audience by identifying and including your brand’s core values and including them within the story. For example, if you’re rooted in sustainability, tell the story of your love for nature and the environment that leads to your sustainable products.
  1. Humanize your brand – people like to identify with other people, so your story should have a voice with an opinion, personality, and feelings. Many companies allow those who designed the company to be at the forefront as the actual people behind it, but you can include other customers or staff members too.
  1. Short and sweet – brand stories are short and easily taken in by an audience. They don’t have time to read lengthy stories (save them for your blog). The brand story should only be a few sentences that make some good points to communicate a resonating message.

Executing Brand Purpose

Executing Brand Purpose

Your brand must have a purpose to execute. You must ensure that your brand brings value to others – more notably, those who you want to purchase your product or service. Your brand should also define the story’s scope with boundaries and direction so that your purpose is clear and not too broad.

For example, the PetSmart brand story says this:

We are devoted to bringing pet parents closer to their pets and helping pets live their healthiest, happiest lives.”

It’s easy to see the type of consumer that fits this bill – pet parents who care about their pets like family members.

The brand’s purpose has no use if your company’s actions don’t align with it. The relevant issue that your product or service addresses is what needs to be brought out, and focus on it within your story and across your campaigns. It will help sharpen the digital marketing efforts of your teams.

Authentic Digital Marketing

There are many ways to take on your digital marketing using tools and resources, including objectives like Cost-per-click or Cost-per-Mile, advertising messages, social media, and more. Making your purpose authentic must be a priority for purpose-driven marketing in the digital age. Brands today face a lot of feedback that calls to attention the idea that brands don’t stand behind the virtues set forth within their brand story.

Only 47 percent of all brands are seen as trustworthy by consumers. You must ensure your brand stands behind its purpose to keep it strong. Company purpose, brand purpose, activation, and demand need to all work together.

Brand Story And Purpose Are Significant For Your Business To Succeed

Designing your brand story is a strategy that helps position your company to make an impact within the marketplace. Your brand’s purpose is a significant element that helps ensure you stand behind your values and, once executed within your digital marketing efforts, will see increased brand awareness, growth, and engagement.


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