Profitable Business Idea That You Can Start With Only 10 Thousand Rupee

by Business Planning & Opportunities Published on: 01 October 2020 Last Updated on: 16 December 2020

Profitable Business

It is really possible to start a profitable business with only 10 thousand rupees. It requires skill, innovation, creativity, and perseverance. If you want to start a business for 10 thousand rupees, you must first identify your area of ​​interest and skills. Since the investment in all these businesses is less so in reality you will sell your skills and labor. And so it will not be possible to do profitable business if you do not have enough skills in the field of business. It is important that you have an interest in the subject as well. If you want to grow your business you can follow SEO Company Mississauga business tips that will be very helpful for your business.

Profitable Business idea for 10 thousand rupees:

1. Online tutoring:

Online tutoring

It is possible to earn a good income by sitting at home by learning the subject of your choice online. The subject may be reading, musical, or language learning. Determine topics based on your skills and interests. You can earn money without any investment by opening your own YouTube channel. Click here to know more information.

There are also various online teaching portals, where you can easily start teaching by registering your name. In that case, you don’t have to take the responsibility of increasing the view. There are also online teaching and learning marketplaces like UDME. You can also start your business by uploading courses on this type of platform. In addition to math, science, language learning, there are opportunities to upload courses on drawing, programming, playing musical instruments, marketing, photography, business, etc. on this type of platform. Courses can be uploaded in the form of text, video, audio, or presentation.

2. Home delivery of food

Home delivery of food

In today’s busy world, many people do not have the opportunity to cook at home every day, and most do not want to eat hotel food every day. The business of home delivery of food was started to meet this demand. If you can cook and deliver delicious food on time, there will be no shortage of business.

Business opportunities are more in the area adjacent to the college university. Many students who come to study from outside the city do not want to cook on a daily basis, in which case they rely on home delivery. In addition, many small families rely on home-delivered meals for their daily needs. Start this business for 10 thousand rupees.

3. Online bakery

Do you love to make all kinds of cakes and cookies? Do you appreciate the cake you made on your relatives ‘and friends’ birthdays? Then this small business is for you. There is a lot of demand for oven-fresh bakery items, and it doesn’t matter if you can deliver them to the buyer’s house. Try new recipes every day, create your specialty. Start your business with 10 thousand rupees. Make cakes and cookies at home and sell them online.

4. Travel agency

If you want to start a business with little capital, you can think of the business of booking flights, trains and bus tickets. You can start a business for 10 thousand rupees. Requires a computer, internet, and permission to be an agent. The easiest way to start a home-based business is to sign up with a hosting agency. The amount of initial investment depends on the host agency but it is possible to keep it within 10 thousand rupees.

5. Tour guide

Tour guide

Bengali loves to travel. And for that, they often rely on tour guides. It is your responsibility to plan the entire tour, starting from flight, train ticket booking, hotel booking. It is possible to get regular business if you can do office, school, or college tours. It is a low-cost business. All you have to do is create a website, and make contact with hotels in different places, find out their travel agent commission rates. Find new places. Currently, the most profitable business is a tour operating a business.

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