How To Wisely Use A Work Sabbatical

by Business Planning & Opportunities 10 November 2022


So, you’re taking a sabbatical—congrats! Whether it’s just a month or a whole year, that’s a lot of free time, and you might be wondering how to use it.

Whether you’re planning to learn and develop professionally or just use the time to relax and recharge—or a little bit of both—here are some ideas for how to use your sabbatical

Checkout Eight Prime Tips On How To Wisely Use A Work Sabbatical

1. Evaluate your finances.

Evaluate your finances

A sabbatical can be a distraction-free time to look at your financial progress and think about your next financial goal. You may want to meet with your advisor to discuss retirement and your financial future.

It can be helpful to consider broader questions, like, does your portfolio look the way you want it to? Are your savings on track? Is your current life insurance policy meeting your needs? Is it time to consider getting a permanent life insurance policy, like whole life insurance?

2. Connect with your family.

Work can get in the way of spending time with the people you love most. If you have young children, you can take this opportunity to be more involved in their schooling and extra-curricular activities.

If your children are adults, you may want to use this time to reconnect and get to know them as people. Plan some trips and fun experiences together that you can all enjoy and make memories from.

3. Travel.

This is one of the most popular reasons for taking a sabbatical. Where have you always wanted to visit and spend a long time? What’s on your bucket list? Now is the time to take that monthlong trip you’ve been thinking about.

4. Start a side business.

 Start a side business

If you’re looking to use your sabbatical to further your career or try something new, consider starting a side business. This can be a great way to test out new ideas and gain some valuable experience. If you’ve had a creative hobby for a while—like crocheting or soap making—the extra time can be a good opportunity to connect with your market.

5. Relax.

Many employers offer sabbaticals to allow their employees to relax, recharge, and avoid burnout. If this is the reason you’re taking a sabbatical, make sure to take advantage of it! Go to the beach, take a yoga class, read all the books you’ve been wanting to, cook new recipes…whatever will help you relax and feel refreshed.

6. Catch up on reading.

You likely have a stack of books you just never have time to read. A sabbatical is a perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading. If you’re into non-fiction, consider how the books you’re reading can help you grow professionally or personally. If you’re looking for something lighter, just enjoy the escape into another world that fiction provides.

7. Focus on learning.

Focus on learning

If you’re looking to develop professionally, consider using your sabbatical to focus on learning. Take some courses, attend workshops, or get certifications in your field. Depending on the timing and what you want to study, a yearlong sabbatical can be enough time to complete a master’s degree.

8. Write.

If you’ve been wanting to write a book, start a blog, or just flex your creative muscles, use your sabbatical to do some writing. This can be a great way to document your travels or experiences during your break.

Sabbaticals are a great opportunity to take some time for yourself, whether you’re looking to relax, recharge, or learn something new. Use this time wisely and enjoy!

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