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by Business Planning 30 October 2018

Business Vendors

We’re edging closer to the time of year when we as business owners need to decide what to send our clients or vendors for holiday gifts. It is a clear indication that you value the partnership that you have with your clients. It will sound quite awkward when other service providers reward their customers and you are left out. The client may begin the new year by looking for a company to replace with you. Now that clients get several gifts from different companies, you must make sure that yours stands out.

Therefore, you need to come up with a gift idea that will make the customer remember you more than other brands. This is an excellent step for anyone who wants to build his or her brand loyalty.  There’s a lot of debate about giving holiday gifts. The market also has several gift options that you can give to your esteemed clients.  Some business owners feel like it’s unnecessary but this can cost you some of the most valuable clients. I feel like it’s an investment in my business and sends a message that I value my clients and vendors. I always try to go with something that can’t be misconstrued. This year I’m going with photo books from Mixbook. I strongly believe that it is one of the best choices that I can make because of the value that people attach to this product.

I chose to try Mixbook photo books as gifts to my vendors because of the high-value and it’s one that will be enjoyed by everyone. As vendors service my company, I often work with several people in the roles of account manager or service provider. I love to capture images as we work together, and then I use those images to build the photobooks. When I present them to the service providers, they see that I value the work they have done to improve my business. It’s also a great way to show their supervisors that I appreciate the work.

I love to give photo books to my clients because it’s a way to show that I appreciate that they put their trust in my business. When you send gifts that obviously take more thought and care than merely ordering a basket of mini-muffins, clients see that you truly value their business. When they can see that, they tend to refer others to you, as well.

As you can see, giving well-thought-out holiday gifts can benefit your business in a variety of ways. By providing lovely gifts to your vendors, you show your appreciation. In turn, they will continue to provide you with excellent products or services. When they feel appreciated, they will work even harder for you in the long run.

Giving charming gifts to clients helps to build referral business. It’s also a great way to keep your name fresh in the mind of an older client; that way, if they ever need the services I provide again, they will be more likely to remember me. While I tend to limit gift giving to the first holiday after we do business together, I send former clients holiday cards for years after their contract expires. The investment is well worth it, as I tend to have more repeat business than others in my field.

Consider holiday gifts to be a worthwhile investment in your business. It goes a long way towards building goodwill with those you do business with. You will continue to see dividends for years after giving a well-thought-out holiday gift. This year’s gift, Mixbook’s photobooks, give me the chance to express my appreciation without breaking the bank.

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