Coworking Capital – Why A Coworking Space In Thailand Is A Path To Success

by Business Planning Published on: 29 August 2018 Last Updated on: 23 September 2020

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Thailand was recently called the capital of coworking, and by looking at the landscape, you can understand. Thailand’s coworking market is comprised of a number of different types of coworking spaces, and for this reason alone, the country has earned this title. However, one has to wonder whether the surge in these office spaces has to do with the fact that coworking supports business success.

Overall, the country has experienced a rough couple of years and is currently on the recovery road, as the economy is experiencing positive growth. With the number of fit-outs in the country, there is little question that the coworking space has contributed to this recovery. Not only has the industry benefited from economic growth, but it has also helped many businesses achieve success as well.

Keep reading to learn how coworking in Thailand can lead your business down the path to success.

Natural Environment For Networking

Business success in the coworking space usually begins at the hot desk. The hot desk is the social hub of the coworking space because it is the source of much conversation. Furthermore, as people work in close proximity, conversations are generated regarding any number of topics.

This natural environment also extends to the more social areas in the space. Lounges and cafés are all places where professionals can connect over a meal or even a light snack. While this might seem like a small thing, these opportunities create the foundation for more formal networking events and make it easier for those who might not want to engage the community-at-large more comfortable with doing so.

Culture Of Community

Another reason many of Thailand’s businesses have given birth to the successful industry is that coworking spaces focus on the whole idea of community. As opposed to being professionals who rent space, these renters become members who join a community of people surrounded around one mission. This is significant for a few reasons.

One significant reason is much of Thai culture relies on business relationships forming from friend and family relationships, and the coworking space provides a platform for these relationships to form. The events and activities that support the community also provide the foundation of collaboration and team building. These collaborative efforts help increase the profile of businesses and fuel business growth. Furthermore, these connections can lead to other business opportunities in the larger business community.

Versatile Functions

Of all of the various spaces, the coworking space has a number of functions. This multi-functionality allows businesses to work, network, collaborate and raise the profile of their business all in one place. Ultimately, Thai businesses do not have to waste money on networking events or activities used to generate business unless necessary. Coworking professionals have access to experts in the business community, in addition to getting chances to participate in incubator and accelerator programs that hasten business growth.

Access To Resources

An offshoot of working in a community of diverse professionals is that everyone benefits from the resources in the space. On any given day, professionals can find themselves working in a room with professionals from a broad variety of industries. Almost like an encyclopedia of resources, you have a vast pool from which to draw.

This includes mentors as well. Start-ups and self-employed professionals, especially, benefit from the hand-up that seasoned professionals can give people traversing the Thai business terrain. For businesses, mentorships can be a source of getting referrals and getting advice when needed, and this is why businesses succeed in Thailand.

Recipe For Success

Working communities are a valuable source for the business community as a whole. Their fluidity provides businesses with the flexibility needed to function efficiently. More importantly, these communities are the source of much information and work for the people who make up space.  The fact that so many coworking spaces exist is a testament to their success in building businesses in Thailand.

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