7 Bone Afide High-Profit Dog Business Ideas

by Business Planning Published on: 17 September 2018 Last Updated on: 02 June 2022

Dog Business

Do you love your furry friend? If you’re like most dog owners out there, you probably wish you could stay at home with little Fido instead of commuting to that boring job every day.

Working from home may be available for some, but there are still tons of jobs that require you to be in the office Monday through Friday. But what if you could be your own boss and bring your lovable pooch to work with you?

It’s no secret that people are wild for their pets. They’ll do almost anything to make them happy. This is why a dog business can be a high-profit company to start.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover seven bone afide high-profit dog business ideas.

1. Dog Supply Store:

Have you ever come home from work to discover your dog ripped apart his favorite toy and his dog bed to boot? Dogs need tons of toys to keep them busy and out of trouble while they’re home alone.

A dog supply store is one of the best pet business ideas. It gives owners a chance to shop with their dogs to ensure they pick out a toy their furry friend will love. Let’s face it, nothing’s more frustrating than spending money on a toy that they lick once and then never play with again.

Check out stores like PawCastle to get a feel for the kinds of things you should be selling. The best dog supply stores are a one-stop shop and sell everything from toys to food.

2. Doggie Daycare:

Coming home and finding a destroyed toy or pet bed isn’t the end of the world. But what do you do when your dog spends the day destroying your home and everything in it?

We’ve all heard of those horror stories from friends and coworkers – they came home from work one day and their brand new $5,000 couch was in pieces thanks to their pup.

It looks like it’s off to doggie daycare for them! Not only does doggie daycare give pet owners the comfort of knowing their belongings are safe, but it provides important exercise, attention, and socialization that can lead to one happy dog!

What makes this one of the best pet business ideas is that is stable and fun. You’ll get to work normal hours with weekends off and have a regular customer base to keep that steady income.

Plus, you’ll get to spend the day surrounded by adorable dogs! Before you know it, you’ll be hiring employees to help out.

3. Dog Boarding:

When you started thinking of dog businesses ideas, pet sitting was probably one of the first things that popped into your mind. However, most people hire pet sitters sporadically when they go out of town. This can make it hard to build up a regular customer base.

Dog boarding is a nice upgrade from pet sitting. You’ll house all the dogs in the same building, so you can care for more than you could by watching dogs at the owner’s home. You can even offer mobile payment so owners can keep up with their bill while their away.

4. Dog Training:

Did your puppy just chew up your sneakers again? Are they barking incessantly at nothing? It may be time to give dog training a shot.

We all want to have that perfectly behaved dog, which is why dog training is such a lucrative dog business. Once you work wonders on misbehaving dogs, owners will be thrilled and will be likely to recommend you to their friends. You’ll have a booming business in no time!

5. Dog Grooming:

Protection dogs for sale bring a lot of joy and excitement into our lives – but they also require a lot of maintenance. Those pets that love to frolic in the grass and mud will need regular baths, long-hair dogs will need cuts, and let’s not forget about trimming those sharp nails!

Those who don’t like to do these things at home or those with dogs that can’t seem to sit still will need to take them to a dog groomer. This dog business is great because dogs need these services on a regular basis, so you’ll have tons of repeat clients and a steady income.

6. Dog Bakery:

Is your pooch part of the family? There’s a growing number of people who consider their dogs like their babies and thus, treat them as such. Doggie birthday parties are an adorable way to show your dog you care.

When that special day rolls around, people will be looking for a cake or special treat to spoil their pup. A dog bakery is one of the best pet business ideas because there likely won’t be a whole lot of competition in your local area.

If you want to expand your business, consider making organic dog food as well. More and more people are realizing how many by-products and additives are found in commercial dog food, and are seeking out organic and healthier options for their furry friends.

7. Dog Fashion Boutique:

Ahh, fall is finally here. The leaves are changing, the days are getting cooler, and Halloween is just around the corner.

Do you know what that means? Tons of dog owners will be on the lookout for the cutest and most unique Halloween costume for their pup!

With the temperature dropping, pet owners will need sweaters or mittens to keep their pets warm on walks and bathroom breaks. Of course, there’s more to this dog business than fall attire.

There’s a whole subset of pet owners who want their dog to look its best at all times. Consider selling doggie dresses, bows, and accessories to help their furry friends be the epitome of fashion.

The Best Dog Business Ideas:

If you want to start your own business, you should do something you love. If you have a soft spot in your heart for dogs, it’s only natural you’d want to start a dog business. Use our list of ideas for inspiration.

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