3 ways your business can benefit from a CBD location

by Business Planning & Opportunities 20 November 2018

CBD location

While online advancements in the business world may mean location has become less of a priority than it was in the past, the setting you choose for your business can still influence many aspects of your success.

Cities possess a certain vitality of their own, and this energy is transferred to the businesses and occupants that reside within them. While it can be a competitive environment, many organisations thrive from being in the thick of the action and take advantage of the many upsides of a city space.

Here are three ways your business can benefit from having a CBD location.

Brand Perception and Awareness:

Nothing gives the impression of big business and commerce quite like a large city -towering buildings dotted with corporate sky signs and the hustle and bustle of busy crowds.

Where your business is located says a lot about you, and there is a prestige that comes with a CBD address. Being situated in the heart of the city can elevate prospective clients’ perception of your brand and make your business appear premium, accessible and successful.

An urban setting also means greater and more diverse exposure due to the increased amount of foot traffic and varied population of busy central locations.

Convenience and Accessibility:

Being centrally located means great access to public transport facilities, which is convenient for both your staff and clients.

The ability to ride or take public transport to work is appealing, especially to millennials who prefer to reside within proximity to urban centres. Attract fresh new talent to your business by situating yourself in a convenient and desired location.

Other benefits of a city location include modern facilities and office spaces, not to mention the many dining and entertainment options, should you need to meet or entertain clients.


Being part of the business epicentre makes it easier to meet and network with other professionals and align yourself with like-minded businesses. Taking advantage of these opportunities can drive your business to new ventures and innovations.

There is also a greater variety and number of professional services to choose from in the CBD. Many businesses rely upon attorneys, accountants and advisors for support, and convenient access to these services is important.

Sharing a building or workspace with other companies can also result in a good professional network. Complementary businesses can benefit from exchanging or sharing services or customers, thereby mutually profiting and increasing the number and diversity of their client base.

While there is no doubt that recent technology and the shift to online has had a significant effect on how companies operate, for a lot of businesses location is still extremely important.

If great access to public transport, professional services, and modern amenities would benefit your business, then a CBD location may be for you.

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