How to Create the Best Work From Home Space

by How to Guides 12 November 2021

Work From Home

Working from home has become commonplace in American culture, even more so now because of the pandemic. Approximately 30% of the workforce in the US has some opportunity to work remotely, even if they don’t work remotely all of the time, reports The Atlantic.

In response, many things have changed for the better as far as the availability of video call software, remote time clocks, and work-from-home gizmos and gadgets that make it easier to be productive when you’re not in an office environment.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones that get to stay home and work, temporarily or permanently, the question still remains: is there a best way to set up a space to work from home? While there’s no one-size-fits-all setup, there are some basics that will help anyone make a better space for work productivity (that’s comfortable, too).



One of the most important things to consider when you’re setting up a work from home space is where it is and how it looks. Even if your space is just a corner in your living room, the more organized and work-friendly you can make it, the better.

For example, did you know that live greenery in your workspace is actually correlated with not only better air quality, but more productivity?

In addition, several studies show that organized spaces, even when they aren’t particularly large, can set the mood first thing when you sit down to get something done. Take the extra time to set up your space the way you want it, and put some thought into how you want it to feel when you sit down to get something done.



Doing Work from home isn’t all that complicated, but there are several tools that make it easier to work remotely without having to set something new up every time you need to make a video call. Our top pics are:

Excellent internet:

Making sure you have top-of-the-line internet will help keep things speedy and easily accessible online. This is especially important if you’re sharing your internet with any amount of streamers or gamers in your household.

Good video equipment:

Nothing is more frustrating than starting a video call and not having your camera or mic working properly. Besides the fact that it’s annoying, it makes you look unprofessional and often feel flustered. These problems can be avoided by learning how to make video calls and setting up your video equipment ahead of time so that it’s always ready to work for you.

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Proper computer:

One of the biggest mistakes that at-home workers make is not using the proper computer hardware for their at-home setups. To run necessary video calls and have several programs going in the background, you need to make sure you’re using a computer with good stats. The easiest way to ensure this is to visit a computer store and ask what you’ll need to run video chat software and a browser in the background at the same time.


Finally, we want to mention that discipline to work from home is essential. If you can’t get work done or you find yourself and your attention wandering, it may be time to change spaces, change environments, or go back to the office. There’s nothing wrong with needing a good work environment to actually get work done, and noticing this need is a job well done.

with the right environment, the right technology, and the right attitude, creating a work-at-home space can be a dream come true for many people who wish to work from home ad ditch the office for good.

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