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by Advertising 24 September 2019

It is often seen and heard that after kids it is difficult for many moms to move ahead of their career but proving this wrong and going against the same, this super mom went on to create Nomi & Sibs.

The sticker labels have always been an issue. There had to be a more sustainable way to label kids bottles – something that did not need to re-label over and over again because it fell apart after being soaked in hot soapy water or the dishwasher. Thus, the NOMI Label was introduced with the vision to reliably manufacture secure, sustainable, toxin-free, flexible, labeling solutions for drinkware and snack jars. The usual adhesive labels in the market stay only a few months which really fade or tear in the dishwasher and even wipe off after daily use which results in the repeat buying over and over, again and again, but the NOMI Labels offers a one-time purchase solution for you.  This helps you move your baby’s labels from baby bottles and food containers to cups and snack jars to thermos and games bottles as they grow up. NOMI+SIBS, it is a label that grows with your child!

  • After you are sorted with your kid’s label you need to relax and for that is indeed the right choice and excellent business to start.
  • OuttaSightHair will soothe, moisturize and purify you.

Benefits of OuttaSightHair:

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  • PAAY, it is a software solution which is designed to protect merchants from social fraud devoid of barging in the customer experience at checkout. PAAY makes use of EMV 3DS which is a worldwide safety protocol formed by the credit card networks to put a stop to illegal CNP dealings and make lawful the CNP cardholders.

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