Top 7 Millionaire Mentor That Can Motivate Us In 2022

by Entrepreneurship 23 December 2020

Millionaire Mentor

Becoming a millionaire mentor is never simple work, and it never reflects the effort of any single person. You will be perplexed if I tell you that even millionaires have mentors. But have you heard about millionaire mentors? 

Are you an entrepreneur with ample business ideas? Are you already fed up with your surroundings and all those annoying negative-minded people? When you start a new business, there will always be a small chance of facing failures and taking crazy risks! Even if these failures are small, they have the potential to frustrate and sadden you. 

Moreover, every single time someone talks about millionaires and their mentors, almost a thousand questions will instantly plague your mind. Perhaps, the most important among all the questions are

  •  How Can I be a millionaire? 

Most people follow the same old, conventional methods with the help of really old sources. Yes, hard work is the key here, but at the same time, you need to be smart too. How do you even run a business without any wisdom? You can’t!

Today, if you want to become a millionaire mentor, you need a mentor who also happens to be a millionaire. It’s very logical when you think about it. But, if your mentor doesn’t know how to become a millionaire, then how will your mentor ever guide you?

How To Be A Successful Millionaire Mentor?

If you are often inspired by millionaire mentor quotes, then wanting to become one is perfectly fine! Here’s how you can become a millionaire first and then eventually a mentor! Because without becoming a millionaire first, how can you become a mentor!

  • Every Mentor Has A Mento Too!

Who would you call a millionaire mentor? Someone who is in a better position relatively and has a success story to share. Most millionaires learn from their mentors. It is not essential that your mentor will always be someone who is famous, as long as the journey and the goal are the same as yours, you can ask them to be your mentor.

For instance, your childhood buddy might suddenly become a successful millionaire approaching him to be your mentor is a pretty cool thing to do what’s better than finding a mentor millionaire who knows you as well as you know him!

Now you must be wondering when are you on the path of choosing a mentor finally? The first thing you have to understand here is your target and the path through which you want to reach your target. Becoming a millionaire is the target, but the path? The career path choice is always a very important factor when you want to be a successful millionaire entrepreneur. 

  • Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together

When Aristotle said, ‘man is a social animal,’ he was bang on correct. This is because all human beings are social creatures. Similarly, we can not struggle alone. For example, if you are a football player, you are most likely to hang out with other football players since it gives you the space to discuss and debate, leaving you happy and satisfied. As a result, with every conversation, your skill and knowledge will grow. That knowledge will help you in the field. 

This example is also applicable to all entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur and you are hanging out with a regular 9 to 5 office crowd, how does it even work? Also, you have to be a good manager otherwise it does not work. This is because regular office-going employees will not be able to comprehend all of the entrepreneurial struggles. As a result, almost 70%of your problems remain unsolved. 

So, if you don’t want to go through this crisis, just focus on hanging out with people who share their goals and dreams with you. This group of people might not be on exact same path as you. But at least they have a similar goal as you. 

  • Goodbye Toxicity And Other Negative Influences

The faster you get rid of all kinds of toxicity, the better for you as well as your mental health! We might all be social creatures living in a society, but that does not mean you have to be friends with toxic people – cut them off one by one! This holds true, especially if you want to become an entrepreneur and a millionaire mentor in the near future. 

Let’s assume that you are visiting a family dinner party. And some of your relatives find it exciting to make a few negative comments on your dreams and goals. Or, for instance, after a long time, you are going to visit your high school friend’s birthday party. Similarly, some of your old friends start making fun of your career and professional hopes! 

In both cases, it’s not about the kind of comments passed but rather the people who made them – insult from your close ones are always more humiliating and frustrating. Indeed, all these people have been playing an important role in your life. But at moments like these, you have only one choice, and you gotta act accordingly. 

Top 7 Millionaire Mentors In 2021.

A millionaire mentor is very similar to a business coach – an industry expert who can guide you properly. These mentors primarily offer help by teaching interested people the tips and tricks to success. In fact, 2022 has witnessed the rising popularity of Todd TJ Johnson, or rather, the TJ millionaire mentor and his successes story. 

But TJ is not the only millionaire mentor. There are more! Simply scroll down to find out the top 7 millionaire mentors of 2022!

1. Warren Buffet

millionaire mentor

Let’s start with our favorite millionaire mentor, Warren Edward Buffet, an American business tycoon investor. Just like Physics is incomplete without Newton’s theory for school kids, you can’t talk about entrepreneurship or becoming a millionaire without mentioning Warren Buffet. 

Now you might be wondering why choose Warren Buffet as your mentor?

  • At the age of only 11, he was working at the family store.
  • Just like other teenagers, he took up odd jobs. Do you see where growth can take you? Understand that there is nothing that you can call extraordinary. His story of becoming a millionaire from an ordinary teenager is an inspiration in itself. 

His suggestions and way of thinking can help you grow as an entrepreneur. For example, he purchased his first stock at the age of only 11 – what a method to make money fast!

  • Choosing an appropriate life partner means choosing the right support system. We all almost spent 80% of our life with our spouses or husbands. The appropriate right choice of life partner gives us more strength to grow. Thus, you need a mentor who is like the perfect life partner – guiding you through and through. 
  • Taking care of the body and mind always plays a role in every person’s life because holistic growth not just involves financial growth but also a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Surround yourself with positive and high-grade people. This will help you to polish your dreams and aim for the stars!

Now you know why Bill Gates one day credited Warren Buffet for teaching him the survival strategy. This is the reason why Warren Buffet has the top place on the millionaire mentors list. 

2. David Shaw

millionaire mentor

Currently, one of the world’s richest men is Jeff Bezos, the founder and the CEO of Amazon. David Shaw was the former boss and mentor of Jeff Bezos. The world’s richest man was learning so many technical things from his former boss. 

  • The vital opinion of David Shaw brings back the lights on your mood and will help you to think more on the same. 
  • This encouraging person was just shredding the light on the planning of only 30 years old Jeff when he came up with a very simple idea about selling simple online books through the web.
  •  Shaw immediately understands the potential of the plan. And he gave his full time to Jeff for the success of the business. 

So there is no wonder why this world’s richest electrical engineer and a computer graduate from Princeton University gives this person full-time credit for encouraging him and become a business management head. David Shaw was just beside him when he was not the wealthiest person. Shaw had that much faith in a 30-year-old entrepreneur.

3. Dan Lok

millionaire mentor

In 2022 only efforts and motivation cannot help you to become a millionaire. You also need a mentor to guide you. At the moment, you need not just be hard-working, but also a smart worker. If you are an entrepreneur, you will also need an effective skills to pitch and sell your idea. Dan Lok is one such self-proclaimed coach. If you are an entrepreneur, the first thing you have to learn in that case is how to develop any skill so that you can earn more. In case you are dreaming to become a millionaire, Dan Lok is your mentor, since he is the motivation of many entrepreneurs.  

  • Dan Lok is best for giving mentorship about any sales-related business.
  •  He is a very high potential mentor who can help you to build up your career as a business entrepreneur. 
  • He can teach you relevant skills in doing any business related to the web. 
  • If you are in the sales business and if your business is web-based, then Dan Lok can solve almost all issues.
  •  Not only the issues, but he will teach you exactly how web-based sales work. That will help you to survive as an entrepreneur. High-income skill development is the key to becoming a successful millionaire entrepreneur. 

4. Grant Cardone

millionaire mentor

Grant Cardone is another self-proclaimed millionaire mentor. And he also happens to be from the sales background. You can watch him in his own program and at the same time he is also an excellent motivator.  

  • When you are about to start a business, small steps are essential. This small growth will help you to think about the big picture. 
  • Grant Cardone will help you to understand these small steps.
  • Sometimes, self-employed people start to daydream, and reality shatters their dream into many pieces.
  • If you are new in this field, just invest one hour listening to his show. The show will encourage you to keep you to keep dreaming big.

5. Jordan Belfort

millionaire mentor

Jordan Belfort is another successful salesperson who is a mentor for many millionaires and billionaires. He teaches many crucial things, like never giving up and bouncing back from failures. This inspirational guy is best to transform negative things into positive ones, making it profitable for you in the long run. 

He is the inspiration of many entrepreneurs. Even the struggle of this person is quite motivating for any new entrepreneur. Maybe he is not famous as a millionaire mentor, but you will get the chance to learn many things from him.

  • You can learn from him epic selling skills to sell almost everything from the gold bars to pens. 
  • A unique sales skill is quite a big gift. You will learn the ‘self-motivating skill’ from him.
  • If you are doing any selling business then he is the best mentor for you.
  • If you see through his past growth, you will notice all the ups and downs, but these ups and downs teach you the life lesson of survival in the industries. 

His work experience is full of multiple varieties and various fields, which will help you to understand the customers and the basic demands of your target audiences.

6. Bill Gates

How can you forget the OG millionaire, the man who has been making to this list for so many years – Bill Gates, the man of the moment, himself. With a solid net worth of 127 billion dollars, Mr. Gates is the man you go meet if you are serious about becoming a millionaire – he is your ideal millionaire mentor.

This is why you must select Bill Gates as your millionaire mentor:

  • He is the fourth richest man in the world
  • According to the calculations of Business Insider, this man makes about 1300 dollars every second.
  • The man co-founded Microsoft and that should be reason enough.

7. Elon Musk

If you want to become a millionaire, who is better than the richest man in the world? Yes, you heard us right! We are talking about Elon Musk who according to the latest calculations of February 2022 is the richest man in the world. the Co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Musk’s net worth is a whopping 223 billion dollars. Pretty tempting, right?

This is why you must select Elon Musk as your millionaire mentor:

  • He is the founder of both PayPal and Space X – both successful ventures that made him a lot of money.
  • Elon Musk invented the Musk Electric Jet.
  • He is the richest man in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Who Is The Richest Person In The World 2022?

The richest person in the world as of February 2022 is Elon Musk, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Tesla. He became famous after founding PayPal and Space X, both successful companies in their own field.

2. Who is the Top 5 Billionaires?

The top 5 billionaires in the world currently are as follows,

  • Elon Musk,
  • Jeff Bezos,
  • Bernard Arnault,
  • Bill Gates, and
  • Larry Page.

3. Is Bill Gates A Billionaire?

With a whopping net worth of 129 billion dollars as of February 2022, Bill Gates is the fourth richest billionaire in the world. Only three other billionaires, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bernard Arnault are richer than him at the moment.


You have seen many millionaires interviewed, and you can follow a millionaire mentor on Instagram and Facebook. However, you forget one thing: these people are not becoming rich without effort. 

They have struggled in the beginning and their struggle has paid off in the long run. That struggle is never different from yours. So try and make the best out of your hardships. And if you can’t don’t forget to heck out Jason Stone millionaire mentor, another mentor like TJ who can turn things over for you!

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