Why Do Entrepreneurs Need To Take A Shower Break Every Single Day?

by Entrepreneurship 30 April 2021

Entrepreneurs Need To Take A Shower Break Every Single Day

For most entrepreneurs’ free time is a luxury that they cannot afford. From looking after teams to growing their businesses and engaging with employees, entrepreneurs are hardly left with any time to spend on their own.

While you may think that this is how it should be, experts recommend otherwise. They say that free time allows for uninhibited creativity that can then be redirected to the business.

In other words, entrepreneurs need to spend time with themselves and ensure that they are completely at ease during such moments.

In this article, we look at how showers can be a great avenue for entrepreneurs to let loose their creative juices. We will look at the science behind it all and reinforce our hypothesis that entrepreneurs should spend every day in the shower for at least some time.

How Do Showers Help With Ultimate Body Relaxation: According To Health Experts

An entrepreneur that keeps running for 16-18 hours a day is very tired. He or she would have fatigued muscle tissues, stretched ligaments, and poor blood flow, especially from wearing shoes all day.

Health experts have pointed out how taking a shower, especially after work can be a boon for entrepreneurs. Warm showers help relax the muscles, unclog nasal passages and improve blood flow to different parts of the body.

Studies have also shown that entrepreneurs who are always barraged by conflicting chains of thought have a lot of trouble sleeping. Warm showers in such instances can come in handy, to help relieve conflicting thoughts, and put them to sleep.

As you can see from the above findings, showers can be an incredible tool for entrepreneurs to recharge themselves after a long day of work.

How Should Entrepreneurs Choose The Best Shower Systems?

There are thousands of options when it comes to choosing shower systems. In this section, we will list down the top things entrepreneurs should keep in mind when selecting shower systems.

1. The Water Pressure Of The Shower-

There is a difference between the water pressure that comes inbuilt with the shower systems and the water pressure that is controlled by the house gauge and meter. You need to ensure that the water pressure in the shower is adequate to help relieve all the muscle stress. It should not be too prickly and neither should it be too soft.

2. The Size Of The Shower Spread-

Experts point out that different sizes of showers have different spreads or areas of coverage. The best ones like kohler shower have a wide enough area of coverage for you to move around in the shower. Having too small a coverage means that the spread and the pressure will only be concentrated in a small area leaving you with no space to move around in the shower.

3. The Brand Of The Shower-

As an entrepreneur, you would not have a lot of time in your hands to entertain someone who comes in for shower repairs or installations. This is why you need to invest in the best brands for the shower systems. This will not only ensure you get a tested and solid product but will also give you complete peace of mind regarding the long-lasting nature of the product.

4. The Price Of The Shower-

A custom shower from a reputable brand is going to be expensive. However, if you can crack a million-dollar idea whilst in the shower, you will realize how good of an investment decision you had taken. Investing in a good shower that is a bit on the pricey side will always pay off well in the long run. It is going to be more durable, tough, and come with great service.

The Bottom Line

If you are an entrepreneur that is always tired and fatigued, you should try showering for at least 15 minutes every night before you go to sleep. This is something that has been proven to be effective by the top medical experts and health practitioners. If you would need any more help or queries in selecting the best shower systems for entrepreneurs, let us know in the comments below.

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