Microsoft Dynamics 365 Test Automation Tool Checklist

by Technology 21 May 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A decision to switch to an automated tool for testing Microsoft Dynamics 365 will bring your company a lot of benefits, however, they depend on the efficiency of the software.

Make sure the product you would like to use for your system meets the requirements listed in this article and you will be able to enjoy the full potential of automated testing.

Products Supported by a Testing Tool

Products Supported by a Testing Tool

Certainly, the very first step you should take is making sure the testing software is certified by Microsoft.

Then, you can check whether it supports the exact apps you are using including their most up-to-date versions.

If you are using one of the Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem products, check, whether your testing tool is indeed designed for your software and adapted to its regular updates.

Make your own list of requirements applicable to the exact ERP product considering the specificity of your business environment and compare it to the functionality and scope of a testing tool.



Providing you are looking for a tool for automated testing, you want it to support the process with the maximum level of automation. This can be reached through several features.

A tool should be codeless which will allow your users without programming skills to create test cases, monitor them, modify, record, and play without coding.

Additionally, your testing tool should support the possibility of running multiple test cases at the same time as well as carrying out a detailed and measurable assessment of the performance during the peak loads of the system.

Functionality for reusing test cases, executing a testing schedule, and changing text cases when the data they are using has been modified can also be automated.

Finally, generating reports and automatically transforming them into business documentation will be helpful as well.



One of the ways to estimate the effectiveness and usefulness of a testing tool is by measuring the time required for its installation and deployment. The less time you have to spend on its setup and the sooner you are able to start testing your system, the more effective the product is.

Additionally, consider the average time required for creating a single test case as well as an entire testing scenario, the time you have to spend on test and scenario modifications, and the efficiency of a tool compared to manual testing.

The overall number of tests you can design as well as the limit of test cases executed simultaneously and the maximum number of virtual users supported for performance testing are also the points determining the effectiveness of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 test automation tool.



Since you might need to modify your tests and test scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you should be confident of having such a possibility with your testing software. There should be tools for copying and transferring parts of tests between scenarios, joining test cases as well as changing the users or entire environments for testing.

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