2 Underrated Ways To Make Your Retail Showroom Stand Out

by Business 13 October 2023


Customer expectations and demands have changed over the years. According to Salesforce, about 66% of consumers expect businesses to understand their unique expectations and special needs. 

Today, they are looking for a convenient and personalized shopping experience. For instance, shoppers would rather buy online than visit brick-and-mortar stores unless they are offered something unique. 

Statistics suggest that America lost over 10.7% of offline retail showrooms during the 2020 pandemic. However, in the last three years, the country has done everything in its power to increase physical retail sales. As of July 2023, the offline retail industry witnessed a 3.2% rise. Just last year, this market was worth USD 7 trillion. 

According to Fashion Network, 70% of customers prefer a hybrid shopping model of in-store and online purchases. That means the physical retail business is here to stay. However, shop owners need to find unique ways to stand out among the 1,069,010 private establishments in America.

Do you want to attract more customers to your retail store? Then, in this blog, we will discuss two underrated ways to stand out in this competitive business. 

1. Go Big on Advertising

Go Big on Advertising



As a retail shop owner, you must leverage the power of advertising to survive in the industry. Doing so will help build brand awareness that generates leads and drives revenue. 

First, you need to find the target audience. This way, you can tailor the advertisements based on demographics and buying behavior. After that, you can perform competitor analysis to determine the promotions, discounts, and events to offer. 

Remember to choose something that attracts customers and creates a sense of urgency. For that, you can plan out the offers you want to provide and create a strategy. Good examples are a 50% discount during Halloween or buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) offers during Labor Day. 

Once decided, you need to focus on the visual appeal. Retail brands need their advertisements to be eye-catching. That’s because the human brain responds to visually appealing assets, making it easy for your store to grab attention.

What Is the Best Way to Advertise?

Your retail store can attract attention with custom light boxes. These products have HD fabric graphics, aluminum frames, and LED technology, making them sturdy and practical.

You can design these light boxes based on specific requirements. Examples include being large, curved, minimalistic, etc. According to ClassicMODUL, retail shop owners can select different types, like table stands, standoff graphics, monitor mounts, etc. 

You have the freedom to design the content. Hence, you can choose the type of colors, text, and graphics that will be put in these light boxes. Remember to buy from a reputed company to get structurally sound and easy-to-assemble products. 

Once bought, you can advertise your discounts and events in an eye-catching manner. These visually pleasing ads will promote your store’s upcoming offers, spread awareness, and increase customer engagement. 

Usually, light boxes come with various placement or targeting options. You can put them indoors to attract shoppers or outdoors to appeal to passersby. It maximizes the visibility of your advertising content and delivers exceptional ROI. Moreover, its durability and energy efficiency make it a perfect tool for retail shop owners to promote upcoming discounts, events, and more. 

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2. Choose the Correct Lighting 

retail store lighting



Studies show that your retail store’s lighting is crucial in persuading passersby to enter the shop. The light fixture layout can also affect a customer’s buying decision. Therefore, you need thoughtful lighting that highlights the store’s crucial areas. 

The shopper should have a lasting experience from the moment they enter your store. Psychologists believe that good lighting can improve someone’s mood and increase cognitive performance. That’s why customers are likely to buy more products if your store has good illumination. 

However, you must choose or find a balance between warm, soft, bright, and cheerful lighting. Warm and soft lighting makes customers feel relaxed, comfortable, and calm. On the other hand, bright and cheerful lighting accentuates your shop’s products. 

How to Choose Good Lighting for Your Retail Shop?

Before choosing the light fixtures, you need to consider the following factors: 

  • Set the ambiance by investing in the perfect brightness and proper tone 
  • Buy from a reputed seller with good reviews and experience 
  • Select the fixtures and bulb type before choosing the store lighting option
  • Check competitors and create a plan before investing in store lighting 
  • Choose a budget and stick to it

Now, you can choose the luminaires best suited for your retail shop. According to Shopify, retail store owners can select accent, ambient, or decorative lighting. 

Accent lighting draws attention to the merchandise and gives your store a luxury aesthetic. Similarly, ambient lighting evenly lights up your shop and offers a relaxed feeling. Decorative lighting accentuates your shop’s charm and attracts a playful vibe. 

The Bottom Line

In America, eCommerce sales amounted to 14.5% of the retail industry. It proves that 85% of sales happen at brick-and-mortar stores. But why do people prefer physical retail stores over the convenience of online shopping? 

Well, it’s simple buyer psychology and the benefits of shopping offline. Your consumers would prefer to buy stuff they have seen or tried on. Moreover, physical stores offer them a highly personalized experience and reduce return costs. They can also access high-quality customer service that enhances the brand experience. 

However, providing these benefits will only be possible if your store has foot traffic from valued customers. That is why you must add the underrated tips in this blog to your strategies for enhancing the customer experience. Only then can you attract people and turn them into buyers. 

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