Beefing Up Your Retail Security In New York

by Business Security Systems 10 May 2023

Owning a business in any industry comes with significant risks. There will always be threats to the future of the company, both from within the structure of the brand and from external factors. Protecting the future of the business involves mitigating those risks so that unexpected circumstances do not compromise your company’s outlook.

The retail industry is a unique sector of the business world that is particularly prone to risks, namely security risks. Since your store or shop is full of merchandise, the opportunity for theft or burglaries is always present. The unfortunate truth is that New York crime rates are on the rise, including crimes against retail businesses.

Improving your security measures is a crucial step to protect both the company’s assets and all the people that set foot on the premises. You are partially responsible for their safety when they enter the doors, so investing in security is a wise decision. Let’s take a look at some measures you can take to beef up security for your New York retail brand.

Radio Frequency Identification

A large percentage of theft often occurs during store hours. Shoplifting and other types of theft usually occur when the doors are open and people are moving in and out of the building regularly. Investing in radio frequency identification, or RFID, systems can make it easier to stop would-be shoplifters by tracking the tags on all your products. If a tag has not been scanned for purchase, it will set off the alarm system located by the exit, quickly alerting the staff that a product may not have been paid for. The mere presence of this system can discourage some instances of theft, so it is worth the investment to prevent losses for the company.

Security Cameras

Cameras are another deterrent method that can be enough to prevent many attempts at burglary or theft. With modern technology, it is much easier for authorities to identify and track down criminals, especially if their actions were caught on camera in your New York store. Be sure to place security cameras in strategic locations throughout the store, including main entrances, checkout areas, and rear loading docks. These high-traffic spots and entry points are most likely to capture footage of a would-be criminal or aid the authorities in their investigation after the fact.

Hire Security Personnel

Hiring a professional security guard is another measure that can beef up your retail store security. First, it can put your customers and employees at ease knowing that there is someone there who is trained to deal with shady situations. Second, the guard’s presence can be a deterrent during store hours. Third, hiring New York Guards can benefit your security when the doors are locked up and customers leave for the day. With high crime rates making the risk even greater, the benefits of security personnel are certainly worth the cost.

Network Security

Most companies rely on computing at some level to manage daily operations. If your retail brand also has an online component, then server security is extremely important to prevent lawsuits or data breaches that put customer information at risk. Identifying network security threats and mitigating them should also be part of your security plan for your New York retail business. Since many customer communications and transactions occur online in 2023, the shift toward network security is inevitable. Invest in protecting your own data as well as the information of your customers by beefing up network security to prevent breaches and cyber attacks.


Sometimes you cannot prevent every crime that would put your company’s future on the line, whether it is a daytime theft or a midnight break-in. In that case, you’ll want to have a strong insurance policy in place that can cover the costs that may come with these scenarios. This type of policy is often referred to as commercial property insurance, which protects the property and its contents in the event of unexpected losses from fires, storms, theft, vandalism, and other circumstances. If your business has this tool in its back pocket, the financial ramifications can be mitigated when retail crimes occur.

Meet Security Risks Head On

While you may think that the cost of beefing up security is wasteful, the reality is that you will wish you had if something bad happens. Many of these measures are effective at simply preventing crimes in the first place. Though this is not a metric that can be easily measured, it is still greatly beneficial to your store. If there are people with ill intent who enter the property, measures like cameras, guards, and insurance can prevent or at least minimize the damage to the company. Meet the security threats to your New York retail business head-on by investing in protective measures that will support the store, employees, and customers.

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