Must-Have Technologies To Make Brand Activations Better And More Cost-Effective

by Marketing 15 September 2023

Make Brand Activations Better

Brand activations are an incredibly effective tool when you want consumers to connect with your brand, experience your products first-hand, and engage multiple senses. While traditional marketing is bound by media, brand activations are a chance to create a real-world experience.

The upside to brand activations is that you create a more memorable campaign that will long outlive any traditional advertising campaign in the minds of consumers that you reach. The downside of activations like these is that they’re likely going to reach fewer people than traditional in-home or out-of-home advertising. The cost per impression for brand activations can be higher than other campaigns, although you’re investing in higher-quality impressions.

That said, new technologies are making it more cost-effective to run brand activations, and they can improve the quality of the experiential campaigns you want to run. These are some of the most powerful technology tools that marketers and brands need to add to their arsenals to improve the ROI of their brand activations.

#1 Portable Digital Billboards

One of the most useful tools you have in your toolbox for brand activations is portable digital billboards. Marketers are no strangers to digital billboards, but they’re used to it being an expensive and cumbersome process to bring them into outdoor environments.

That’s all changed thanks to BIG Digital billboards. The company has introduced digital billboards that are made for portability. First, they’re battery-powered with hours of use, meaning you can place them wherever you need.

They’re also weather-rated and designed with industrial strength to handle movement and vibration.

#2 Augmented Reality

As Augmented Reality becomes increasingly widespread, marketers are tapping into innovative approaches that can improve the consumer experience in new and exciting ways. AR allows you to incorporate digital elements on top of a projection of the real world from a digital camera. It’s being used in gamification experiences, virtual fitting rooms, and many more opportunities to interact.

#3 Projection Mapping

#3 Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is where you display a digital image on a 3D surface. It’s used by marketers to project their displays and campaigns on a wide variety of surfaces in the urban environment. Projection mapping is a tool for taking over a space and making a big impression.

#4 Mobile Integration

Brand activations are a great introduction, but they’re even more successful when they’re just the start of an ongoing relationship with consumers.

Mobile integration opens the door to an ongoing relationship with consumers through notifications, newsletters, and other communications. The first step is getting consumers to consent to mobile integration, but once you get that, you can start building a rapport and keeping them engaged with your brand.

#5 Gamification Technology

The secret to making a memorable activation is making it fun. Part of the motivation behind incorporating new technology in activation is to go beyond the basics of a sampling campaign and do something unique. Different gamification technologies like digital billboards, gesture-controlled screens, and Augmented Reality together can make something special happen.

Before you launch your next brand activation campaign, find out what these technologies can do to enhance the consumer experience and make your campaign more cost-effective.

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