The Power Of Branding: How To Create A Memorable Business Identity

by Marketing 21 September 2023

The Power Of Branding

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur, putting together a plan to start a business, or in the middle of an online MBA by SCU, you know that branding isn’t just a fancy word thrown around in boardrooms. It’s the soul of your business, a heartbeat that resonates with your audience, connecting emotion, memory, and loyalty. It’s the silent storyteller, whispering tales of your product or service in the ears of potential clients. So, how can you make sure your brand stands tall, memorable, and meaningful? I’ll tell you.

Make Your Mission And Vision Clear

To kickstart your branding journey, identify and solidify the core values that your business represents. Are you all about innovation, reliability, or maybe sustainability? Once you’ve honed in on your values, every other decision from your logo to your advertising strategy should echo and reinforce these principles.

Let’s say you’re an online clothing company that prides itself on sustainable business practices like biodegradable packaging, using sustainably farmed cotton, and ensuring fair wages and safe conditions for your textile workers. You’re a company that values doing business in a way that’s Earth-friendly, so your logo might feature earthy tones or elements symbolizing eco-friendliness. Your marketing campaigns could spotlight stories from the very farmers and workers you support. This is how you communicate your sustainable values with customers and build a brand identity that reflects this vision.

Understand The Essence Of Branding

Understand The Essence Of Branding

First and foremost, branding isn’t just about logos and catchy taglines. It’s about feelings, associations, and the promises you convey to your customers. Think of iconic brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, or Qantas. When you see their logos or hear their names, it conjures up specific emotions, expectations, and memories. This isn’t a coincidence; it’s the result of intentional branding efforts. Yes, people pay money for products and services, but in today’s competitive market, what makes a customer buy your range of beard wax and or order a case of your craft beer sometimes comes down to how they feel about it.

Visuals Are Branding, Branding Is Visual

Your brand’s look, including logos, colors, and typefaces, is like its wardrobe. The right outfit can make you feel confident, memorable, and authentic. Think of iconic symbols like the golden arches of McDonald’s or the simple elegance of the Nike swoosh. Now, your brand doesn’t need to be as iconic as those ones, but it should be unique, not only to make it memorable for customers but to distinguish your business, products, or services from your competitors. I highly recommend collaborating with designers who get your vibe and can turn it into visuals that pop.

Find Your Voice

Now, think about how you’d chat with your customers. Are you the fun-loving friend cracking jokes? Or maybe the elegant connoisseur giving refined advice? This voice, your brand’s unique personality, should be heard loud and clear, whether you’re tweeting or sending out an official press release.

Engage And Connect

Engage And Connect

Of course, in today’s digital age, your brand doesn’t merely exist in a vacuum. It’s in dynamic conversations with your customers. Engage with them authentically on social media, reply to their comments, and always listen to their feedback. Remember, your audience can be your brand’s biggest advocates or critics and the reason why customer experience managers are one of the most in-demand MBA careers, so make sure you have processes and systems in place to manage engagement (and ultimately protect your brand).

Adapt, Evolve And Overcome

Here’s a golden nugget of advice: consistency is key. Whether it’s the aesthetics of your Instagram feed or the messaging in your marketing materials, uniformity strengthens brand recall. However, in saying that, there’s a difference between being consistent and being stagnant. In the world of business and branding, it’s also vital to evolve, so don’t be afraid to tweak your steps. Stay true to your core values, but be open to adapting, innovating, and dancing to market changes.

OK, But Why Bother With Branding?

Crafting a standout brand persona might seem daunting, but it’s like growing a plant. Nurture it, feed it right, and watch it bloom. At its essence, branding is the story of your business. So, take a moment, pen down your tale, and let the magic of branding elevate your venture to dazzling heights.

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