How Your Marketing Team Should Be Using Email Signatures In 2023

by Marketing 29 December 2022

Email Signatures

We see email signatures every single day. Almost any email we get sent from a corporate environment will have a signature in it, often offering contact information, a name, and the company that a person works for.

This is a complete waste of space. Your business should catch people’s attention, provide value, and offer a great user experience at all times.

Beyond just information, there are a lot of elements of email signature design that you can put to use when using these in marketing. We already know just how successful email marketing can be. Yet, if we redouble our efforts by including email signatures, we open up every single email we send to a whole new range of possibilities.

In this article, we’ll dive into all the uses of email signatures that marketing and sales teams can put to use. If you’re looking to synergize your teams before 2023 gets started, this is the article for you. We’ll be covering:

  • Using Multiple Email Signatures
  • Humanize Your Marketing Emails with Pictures
  • Always include CTAs
  • Book a Meeting

Let’s dive right into it.

Detail About 4 Points How Your Marketing Team Should Be Using Email Signatures In 2023

1. Using Multiple Email Signatures

Using Multiple Email Signatures

We’ll start with a small tip to begin. Always, without fail, have more than one email signature that you can select from. Using the following tips, you can create three different email signatures, each one with a different purpose. Depending on the customer that you’re dealing with, you can select a different signature and send it over to them.

Adapting your emails to the client will help you get your tone of voice and communication pathway correct. Not every customer is going to be the same. Match your email signature to them for the best results and the highest likelihood of conversion.

2. Humanize Your Marketing Emails With Pictures

Your Marketing Emails With Pictures

There is a growing body of research that demonstrates that individuals are much more likely to be interested in a company and willing to do business with them if they demonstrate human characteristics. Often, organizations will come across as faceless masses, only after corporate profits.

This is a personification of brands that’s increasing as we move further into difficult economic circumstances. It seems that everyone is currently going through economic hardship, apart from businesses – with a huge number of US companies reporting record-breaking profits while the majority is being laid off or unable to keep up with rent payments.

We live in a world of corporate greed. In order to distance your company from this, you need to humanize yourself wherever you can. Email signatures can be a great way of doing this.

If you include a small bio about yourself and a photo showing your face, people are much more likely to realize they’re talking to a real person – not some faceless part of a company machine.

Introducing human elements like these would be inappropriate in any other part of the email. It would seem ridiculous to send a photo of yourself to a customer just so they knew who they were talking to. That’s why using this design element within email signatures is such a good idea. It’s a non-invasive way to humanize your company.

Including this within an email signature will add a personal element to every email that your business sends, doing wonders for your public perception when communicating with customers.

3. Always Include CTAs

When a marketing team constructs a website, landing page, or writes an article for their blog, they always remember to include plenty of Call To Action (CTA) to grab reader attention. These provide a moment for readers to move further into the sales funnel, helping them get closer to conversion and a new sale for the business.

CTAs are vital in every single aspect of marketing. So, why do we forget them when constructing our email signatures? This space is attached to every single email communication that we send out, meaning that it’s a wonderful idea to have at least one CTA here. The sheer number of emails that your business sends out means that it’s statistically very likely that at least one person will click on this CTA.

And, with this option there right from the start, you’ll have a much higher engagement rate on your emails. A person that’s read through your email will naturally move onto the email signature, leading them directly onto your call to action.

Whether it’s offering them more information, a discount in return for filling in a survey, or a link to an eBook that your company has published, anything will work perfectly here.

Just be sure to vary the different CTAs that you use across your organization. This can be another wonderful location to start focusing on A/B testing to refine your strategy as you go.

4. Book A Meeting

Book A Meeting

Another wonderful way to put your email signature to use is by including a Book a Meeting button right at the end of the email. The vast majority of sales team representatives will be focusing on getting customers into test calls to push them further toward conversion.

This Book a Meeting button is an excellent way of helping customers to skip out on the work. Instead of having to move through several steps of the sales funnel and send emails back and forth, a customer can simply click on the button and select a time that works for them. Using tools like Cleanly will help your team connect their calendar up to this button.

By then selecting different times when they’re free for a meeting, customers will instantly have access to a number of different slots. They’ll just select one that works for them and get to work. This is a wonderful use of your email signature, and one that anyone working in sales should be using.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t overlook the power of email signatures in 2023. If you’ve only been using them as a supplementary way of offering information to your customers, then you’re missing out on a wonderful method of capturing the attention of your audience.

Whether you use them as a way of getting people into the sales funnel, a way of humanizing your company, or a method of boosting engagement with emails, just be sure to put this space to good use. Don’t waste time just focusing on giving out surface level information that customers won’t care about.

Capture people’s attention and provide real value in your email signature, and you’ll be well on your way to success in 2023.

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