Lyft Vs Uber: Which Rideshare App Is Better?

by Business 02 January 2024

Lyft Vs Uber

Lyft vs Uber: which one is better?

Whether you are just a soul stuck in some corner of the city and trying to book a cab or a 9 to 5 person on a Uber-hauling side hustle, this article has a lot to do with you.

A passenger looking for a cheaper ride in the city might wonder if taking an UberX would be better than an Original Lyft. Similarly, if you have a cab and want to drive Uber or Lyft, you might want to know how both platforms work.

Here is a simple and comprehensive guide about Uber and Lyft. Let’s learn about the different services both platforms provide.

What Is Uber?

Uber is a ride-sharing service used through mobile apps. It was founded in 2009 and has been dominating the taxi and ride-hailing industry for more than a decade. Most importantly, it has generated $11.27 billion in revenue in the last decade. This multinational ride-sharing company has been engaged in 1.5 million trips a quarter.

The platform offers an interactive application for users to book their rides easily and is quite popular internationally. Of course, there are other ride-sharing apps like Lyft. But Uber has always been the biggest platform known across the world. It is like the Walmart of taxi cab services.

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Uber Transportation Services

As I said before, Uber is famous worldwide and dominates the ride-sharing industry in several countries, such as America, Asia, New Zealand, and the EU. In the US alone, Uber provides cab services under different categories. You will find many yellow cabs working as Uber cabs in the US.

Here is a list of categories under Uber –


The most popular choice in Uber is the UberX rideshare. This car is all about standard pricing for your rides. Most importantly, they are cheaper compared to the normal taxis.


Now, if you feel like your need is above the standard pricing of Uber Standard, then you can go for the UberComfort rides. These rides are for more legroom, better comfort, and more experienced drivers behind the wheel.


It is like getting the XL version of a T-shirt for better comfort. UberXL, as a ride, requires more payment compared to UberX. Well, it is only common since you are getting a six-sitter SUV and more space for luggage.


Passengers comfortable with sharing their Uber with others along a specific route can choose UberPool. The driver picks up and drops passengers at different pickup and drop-off points. This way, the passengers can share the cost of the ride.

UberBlack SUV:

Passengers looking for a premium ride can go for the UBerBlack SUV. Professional chauffeurs drive these Ubers.


UberWAVs have wheelchair accessibility. Specially abled riders can choose these rides for a better service.

What Is Lyft?

Just a few years after Uber, in 2012, Lyft came to the market as a competition. They swoop in to grab the market for affordable transportation. They made both short and long-distance transportation more affordable. It is no wonder they have come up with an impressive growth.

Some predictions show that Lyft is supposed to grow from 34.4% to 38% and reach a revenue target of $4.4 billion. However, this model is a little different. It connects the drivers to the passengers. The app onboards drivers who want to provide rides to people using the app.

Lyft Transportation Services

Including both the US and the Canadian market, Lyft serves 60 different locations. The platform is quite thoughtful and careful when it comes to the safety of the passengers. Drivers have to pass through two different background checks before the passengers can access their vehicles for rides. Here are the categories of services available at Lyft –

Original Lyft:

Passengers looking for more affordable and convenient rides can use the Original Lyft. The drivers are ready to provide you with daily rides to your work or wherever you want to go in the city.

Lyft XL:

Lyft vs Uber, which one is better? If this thought is stuck in your mind, then you might be interested in knowing that Lyft XL and Uber XL are the same. Cars with six seats operate under the Lyft XL category. They usually have minivans and SUVs for this type of ride hauling. Passengers get more space and comfort.

Lyft Lux:

Lyft Lux is for passengers who are looking for a premium experience and want more experienced drivers behind the wheel.

Lyft Black:

Passengers who want a high-end vehicle transporting them to their desired destination can go for the Lyft Black. Passengers would find some similarities between the UberBlack SUV and Lyft Black. These rides provide a mix of style and comfort. If you need to follow, there are more and more things.

Lyft Black XL:

If you are going to a premium party and have a large group of people accompanying you, then what’s better than Lyft Black XL? This is the premium ride you need for more passengers.

Lyft Vs Uber: Which One is Cheaper?

It is quite difficult to find one answer that solves all of your queries. The price for your ride may differ based on several factors, like the kind of ride you are choosing, surge pricing, and location. If you are wondering which app provides cheaper pricing, then you have to compare their pricing on the go.

Let’s say that you have to book a cab, and you have both Lyft and Uber installed on your phone. Now, see the pricing for the ride on both apps.

Check out whoever costs you a minimum price and go with whichever suits your needs. However, there are fare estimation tools available on both Uber and Lyft. So, you can go there as well and check out the pricing for your ride.

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Final Words

If you are a driver, rest assured. You will find pretty common services from both Uber and Lyft. However, since Uber is pretty much common and known to most people sharing a ride, drivers would rather drive an Uber Cab than a Lyft. Also, Uber is willing to release safety statistics, which is convincing enough for both drivers and riders. So, hopefully, you have found your answer to Lyft vs Uber.

Please let us know if you have any queries related to this article’s comment section. We will get back to you ASAP.

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