Google Lays Off Hundreds Of Recruiters In Another Round Of Cut Offs

by Business 14 September 2023

Google Lays Off Hundreds Of Recruiters

A Wednesday report suggests that Google conducted its next round of employee layoffs. According to the three people who knew the situation, Google told its recruiters that hundreds of the employees would lose their jobs at the end of the day.

The recruiting group of Google had 3,000 employees and has been hit by more layoffs this year. The recent layoffs by Google and the parent company, Alphabet, indicate the sign of more layoffs in the future. This is despite the fact they are investing more in artificial intelligence.

According to reports, the recruiters and the staff members related to them were “invited to a last-minute global all hands meeting with the agenda to share hard news.” The vice president of Google recruiting told the employees that he wanted to break down the news to them. He wanted them to either head home or leave for home if they were in the office. 

According to a Google Spokesperson, Courtenay Mencini, “We’ve made the hard decision to reduce the size of our recruiting team,”

The cuts are, although not believable, a part of a company-wide layoffs. But other parts of the company can also decide to lay off some employees. Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai recently followed the same practice as some of their competitors like Facebook, Amazon, and Meta and rallied many employees behind. Within the last few months, they have cut off 12,000 jobs. The previous employees also criticized Pichai for the recent layoffs.

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