What Is Wifi Marketing? Different Benefits Of Wifi Marketing

by Marketing 30 December 2023

What Is Wifi marketing? Different Benefits Of Wifi Marketing

What is wifi marketing?

The answer to this question is very important to retailers. The competition in retail marketing is increasing day by day.

You cannot accomplish everything with a strong retail brand image. Now, massive eCommerce brands are standing as strong competitors. That is why you can use wifi marketing at your store and boost your retail store.

In this article, I have listed several benefits of using retail store marketing and how it can help your business. Keep reading.

What Is Wifi Marketing?

Wifi marketing is like tuna bait to attract the bigger fish. Well, any type of marketing is more or less the same (fundamentally). Wifi marketing is a strategy involving retail stores giving customers free wifi services. Then, in return, the retail stores can send marketing messages.

So, how is wifi marketing done? It requires setting up a wireless wifi hotspot connection at a retail store. They also have a router that sends out wireless internet connection to people in the locality. Now, people in that locality can access the internet using their mobile devices (Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets).

When it comes to marketing, Wi-Fi provides retail businesses with ample opportunities. Retail stores and dealers have a free communication gateway to their prospects thanks to the wifi service they provide. They can send their messages directly to the customers. Any retailer wanting to grow in their business will find wifi marketing useful.

Suppose anything your customers won’t say no to is free wifi. So, as a retail business owner, you better not skip this opportunity to keep more customers hanging around.

According to Cisco’s data, 96% of customers would love to shop in a retail store that provides free wifi.

These people are also repeat customers and love to keep coming back to the retail store.

Components Of Wifi Marketing

Wifi marketing is a type of marketing that uses guest wifi to measure the behaviors of guests in different locations, building CDP when the guests opt into wifi. Finally, it automates marketing.

Currently, there are five top-tier components for an effective smart wifi marketing platform in the year 2024. Here are these components –

  • Wifi Analytics
  • Building Your CDP (Customer Database)
  • Segmentation
  • Wifi Marketing Campaigns
  • Wifi Marketing Attribution

Different Benefits Of Wifi Marketing

Here are some of the most common benefits of wifi marketing. These should help you better understand your customers. Here are some proven ways of boosting your retail business using wifi marketing –

Create An Attractive Retail Destination

The first and most important way to leverage from wifi marketing is not related to wifi at all. Well, it is related. But your store is the key player here. When your retail store becomes a cool place to hang out, your prospect will come flying to your doorstep.

A cozy and jolly place is always somewhere people love to come to. Also, your customers are likely to visit the stores because you offer free Wi-Fi (everyone loves free Wi-Fi).

Also, people bring their phones wherever they go. They will take photos to post on Snapchat and also use ApplePay or AmazonPay to make payments after purchasing from you. So, free wifi would benefit them just as it will benefit you. Yes, your retail store definitely needs Wi-Fi.

More so, when your customers visit the store and use your wifi, they will check in and also tag your store on their social media posts. This will help you.

Wifi Marketing Helps Compete Against Online Retailers

It is difficult to compete against eCommerce stores now that many of them are popping up. Many of the customers check out and review a product at your store and then go and buy online. But thanks to wifi marketing, retail businesses have an option to battle the competition.

This technique uses beacon technology coupled with location tracking. The result? Closing more in-store sales. It helps send real-time discounts and offers to the customers, and they feel motivated to buy from the seller.

Send Personalized Marketing Messages

Even if the customers are at the store, they are never off their phones. This is the perfect opportunity to ask them for reviews about their experience. These people are essential for boosting your brand awareness.

Through wifi marketing, you can collect user data, demographic data, and your customer’s purchase history. Then, you can also send personalized marketing messages to your customers. This will help you retain them and keep returning to your retail store.

Direct Your Customers To Your Store Website

Wifi marketing helps direct customers and push them through a sales funnel. Through wifi, businesses can advertise new apps when their customers are logging in. You can also use email or SMS data and send personalized marketing messages to different customers.

These messages can direct them to your website and, eventually, help you boost your sales.

Also, ensure that your retail store stays fresh and competitive. So, you must carefully consider different marketing strategies for expanding your reach.

Track Retail ROI With Wifi Marketing

You have plenty of reliable ways of tracking your customer traffic with ease. For example, social media check-in, wifi login, and also location tracking can help you accurately track the customer traffic in the retail stores. It will help you with sales conversion rate, calculate customer acquisition, etc. This will help you stay up to date and generate ROI figures that are more reliable.

Wifi marketing will help you collect data on what is profitable for your retail store and what is not. You will have detailed performance data on social media campaigns and shop windows and see whichever works best for you.

Wifi marketing makes it tracking, implementing, and reporting very effective for your business.

Bottom Line

Just providing Wi-Fi at retail stores is not enough to run Wi-Fi marketing. As a retailer, you must constantly advertise that you are providing free Wi-Fi. It would help to promote the use of wifi at the entrance of your store or at different will points. As you can already see, wifi marketing is pretty important for retail stores. Let us know if you would use this marketing strategy at your retail store or not. Thank you for reading.

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