How To Become A Logistics Analyst In 2021? Qualifications, Responsibilities, Requirements, Salary, & Opportunities

by Marketing Published on: 28 September 2021 Last Updated on: 29 September 2021

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With the increase in e-commerce shopping in today’s world, the need for logistics analysts has also grown. Are you an aspiring logistics analyst and looking for information about it? Well, today, you have arrived at the right spot.

This article is exclusively curated for those who want to know how to become a logistics analyst in 2021. Read the below sections carefully to know qualifications, Responsibilities, Requirements, Salary, & Job Opportunities for a logistic analyst.

What Is A Logistics Analyst Job?

What Is A Logistics Analyst Job

What is a logistics analyst? Logistics analyst career paths encompass everything from material procurement to product delivery. They are mainly in charge of a product’s complete manufacturing life cycle. In order to accomplish a company’s overall mission and goals, logistic analysts simplify processes and assess its assets.

What Does A Logistics Analyst Do? – The Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities

What does a logistics analyst do? Check out the core responsibilities involved in logistics analyst jobs below:

  • Overseeing the product life cycle, including purchase, distribution, internal allotment, and final resource clearances. 
  • Assisting companies in improving performance by identifying and removing inefficiencies
  • Streamlining processes and determine the most effective method to use the company’s resources
  • Managing a variety of databases, as well as being responsible for their input, structure, and correctness.
  • Examining carrier tariffs, prices, rates, and bids to determine the most cost-effective options

Logistics Analyst Jobs Qualifications

Logistics Analyst Jobs Qualifications

Some key points you need to remember in terms of logistics analyst jobs qualifications. 

  • Logistics analyst jobs are all about coordinating the logistics and supply chain complexities. Therefore, in order to choose a logistics analyst career path, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. 
  • Now, as the logistic analyst jobs are related to using analytical tools, people from relevant academic backgrounds get preference. For example, supply chain management, systems engineering, Management and Business Administration (MBA), logistics engineering, etc are some top academic backgrounds.
  • Familiarity with using SAP software, JDA supply chain analytics, Peoplesoft supply chain analytics, etc., is preferred. 
  • Certifications from the American Production and Inventory Control Society or the International Society of Logistics will be a great plus.

Required Logistics Analyst Jobs Skills

Required Logistics Analyst Jobs Skills

Following are the logistics business analyst jobs skills and traits that recruiters will look for within you. Let’s check them out:

  • Strong problem-solving abilities
  • Eye to detail 
  • Robust Customer service skills
  • Ability to make prompt decisions
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Strong analytical skills 

Key Logistics Analyst Jobs Requirements

Key Logistics Analyst Jobs Requirements

What are the principal logistic business analyst jobs requirements that you need to fulfill? Take a look at the bullet points below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, MBA, logistics engineering, or related subjects
  • 2-5 years+ work experience in business processes, logistics, and supply chains. This is for the positions like senior logistics analyst, senior logistics data analyst, senior supply chain management analyst. 
  • Expertise in SAP, Peoplesoft, JDA, etc
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, communication, and mathematical skills
  • Willingness to relocate as per business requirements.

How To Become A Logistics Analyst?

How To Become A Logistics Analyst

How to become a logistics analyst in 2021? First, make sure that you are meeting all the criteria mentioned above. For example a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, related work experience (for senior positions), software knowledge, problem-solving ability, analytical skills, etc.

After that, build a catchy logistics analyst resume. Now you have to work extra hard while creating the CV. Think about what query attributes you have or what rare certificates you hold. It is because a logistics analyst’s resume has to be unique in order to get selected.

Get prepared for the selection tests. Watch some online tutorials to get ideas of what questions you may face during the interview. Finally, shortlist some jobs from online portals and start applying! All the very best to you!

What Are Some Logistics Analyst Jobs Near Me?

We have received this question multiple times – “what are some best paying logistics analyst jobs near me? ” So here we have listed some of the well-paid logistic analyst jobs along with logistics business analyst salary insights. You will find all these jobs in the USA only.

Logistic Analyst Jobs Company  Salary 
Logistic Analyst Tesla; Austin, Tx $47,700.00/yr – $69,700.00/yr
Global Logistics Analyst  Amazon; Tempe, AZ $44,700.00/yr – $69,400.00/yr
Supply Chain Program Analyst Tesla; Pao Alto, CA $65,500.00/yr – $103,000.00/yr
Supply Chain Analyst Bose Corporation, Minneapolis, MN $76,000.00/yr – $90,000.00/yr
Global Logistics Business Analyst  McKesson; Jacksonville, FL $48,700.00/yr – $69,700.00/yr
Logistics Risk Analyst Amazon, Seattle, WA $72,414/year


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is A Logistics Analyst?

In simple terms, a logistic analyst is a professional responsible for supply chain activities and product delivery processes. They examine such systems and identify gaps or recommend changes.  

Q2. How Much Money Does A Logistics Analyst Make?

The average 1-2 year experienced logistics analyst salary in the USA ranges from $42,000 to $73,00/year. 

Q3. What Are Some Logistics Analyst Jobs Near Me?

Some of the companies providing the best paying logistic analyst jobs are Amazon, Tesla, Bose Corporation, McKesson, etc. 

Summing It Up

That’s all about how to become a logistics analyst successfully. Now that you know every detail of the logistic business analyst jobs, what are you waiting for? Start applying right now so that you can secure a handsome salary paying job within the next 6 months. Nevertheless, ensure that you are meeting the required criteria of the jobs you are going to apply for to avoid rejections.

Did this article give you enough information about logistic analyst jobs? Do not hesitate to drop your feedback about the article and also additional viewpoints if you have any. Stay tuned with us and stay safe!

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