Review of the Types of Shipping Containers You Can Buy

by Marketing 25 January 2019

Shipping Containers

Most people often associate shipping containers with the trade, shipping, and transport industry. This is because these containers can carry almost any product across the ocean. They can be used for importing or exporting products from one country to another regardless of the continent.

Shipping containers are excellent storage boxes especially when it comes to long journeys. They are made of steel which helps them become more durable. Most containers have the same standards across the world. You can 20’ 30’ or 40’ containers in almost any country. This makes the handling of them easier. The structures, materials, dimensions, and constructions are almost identical wherever you go. If you are looking for shipping containers to buy, here are some of the common types that you might want to look at.

Common Types of Containers:

1. Dry Storage Container:

This is a standardized version of shipping containers. Generally, most of these containers are ISO certified. This is mostly used by ships when transporting goods across the ocean. They generally come in 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft sizes. These containers are excellent storage for dry goods since they are usually air and watertight.

Shipping container doors in a dry storage container usually open from just one side. In other words, you have the same entry and exit points. This is important as you need to remember this when transporting different types of cargo. Most dry storage containers are used by automobiles when they are shipped and exported to different parts of the world.

2. Flat Rack Container:

These containers generally have collapsible sides. They can be folded and unfolded depending on the need of the consumer. A wide variety of goods can be stored here. Generally, people who want to transport huge product use this kind of container. The collapsible sides make it easier for people to remove the product after it has arrived at its destination.

3. Tunnel Container:

These types of containers can be open from one end to another. Although in most containers of this type, the sides are not entirely collapsible. The whole container is usually wide. People who want to unload cargo from one end to the other can easily open the doors on both sides.

4. Double Doors Containers:

These units have double doors that can easily be opened. The double doors provide wider access to the containers. If the product is too large, the workmen can simply open the door on the left side and put the cargo easily inside. This is commonly made up of iron, steel, and more. The standard size is generally 40 ft to 20 ft.

5. Refrigerated ISO containers:

These containers are carefully kept at low temperatures. They are the containers in which perishable goods such as fish, fruits, vegetables, and meat are often stored. These shipping containers are watertight and air tight to ensure that the products stored inside them will be kept fresh.

Aside from the five containers mentioned, there are a lot of other types of containers that are available in different markets today. If you want to buy one for storage, transport, or even housing, you can easily contact an expert about the containers. You can find out more if you go to the right website and inquire about the products that they are offering.

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