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by Marketing Published on: 02 April 2019 Last Updated on: 03 April 2019

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers, sometimes known as sea cans, have come to be known as a pretty useful creation. They’re mostly used for transporting goods safely around the world, however, even when they’re not being used for shipping, there are still plenty of things people use them for.

In the following article, we’re going to go over a few interesting post-shipping uses for steel shipping containers. You can click here for more info.

Storage Sheds:

Storage sheds can be an extremely useful addition to your home. And, they can serve a whole lot of different functions. They can be used for anything from peaceful garden sanctuaries, through to simply being a place to store the lawn mowers and the rest of your yard maintenance supplies.

Well, one particularly popular use for steel shipping containers is to use them as storage sheds.

For starters, they are much sturdier than traditional wood shed structures and don’t require any assembly or regular maintenance. Plus, since they’re made of solid steel, you’ll never have to worry about wood rot or mold.

Or, maybe you already have a shed. In that case, a steel shipping container could also make for an extremely durable and weather-proof gardening room, studio, home office, or even a playhouse.


If you’re one of those who’ve always dreamt of having your very own swimming pool in your back yard, then a shipping container just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

While not the most popular use for them, some people are taking them and transforming them into backyard pools.

The best part about using a shipping can as a pool is that they don’t require any digging, construction permits, or any major type of work whatsoever. Either a 20 foot or 40-foot shipping container pool can simply be dropped into place, filled with water and you’re ready to start swimming. Read about one couple who run their company by converting old shipping containers into backyard swimming pools here.


For decades, architects have been looking at ways to recycle shipping containers into housing accommodations.

The fact that they can be stacked, or placed end to end to create a larger living space, makes them an ideal pre-fabricated way to build homes.

A recent trend on social media has been tiny homes and many tiny homeowners have taken a liking to use shipping containers to create their tiny living areas. After all, they’re strong, durable, weatherproof, as well as versatile.

One company in the Netherlands, Tempohousing, has been an industry leader in recycled shipping containers for years. They’ve built tons of housing complexes out of old shipping cans, and they’ve even built the world’s very first all-container campus in Amsterdam, created to help tackle the student housing crisis in the city. They’ve also built a homeless shelter out of old sea cans in Brighton, England.

Read more about shipping containers being used as social housing here:

Pop-Up Shops:

The shape, size, and solid nature of a shipping container makes it an ideal candidate to be converted into a pop-up shop, mini bar, or café.

The best part about using shipping cans for this is that they can simply be loaded onto a truck and transported to wherever you want your shop to be.


If you were to add a touch of imagination to a shipping container, it can become anything from a pirate ship or a cave, through to a castle or even a space ship.

And, that’s exactly just what one company from Melbourne, Australia did. The company stacks shipping containers together and uses them as children’s activity centers.

One benefit to using a solid, steel shipping container as a playground is that it will be able to stand up to any type of boisterous activity the kids can throw at it.

Upcycled Furniture:

A major trend on social media lately is known as upcycling. Upcycling is the act of re-using old furniture or objects and recycling them into new and fashionable pieces.

Container, a Brazilian recycled shipping container company has caught wind of this fashionable trend and has found the perfect recycled use for shipping containers.

They use leftover scraps from disassembled shipping cans and use them to create all sorts of furniture; from lounge chairs and tables, through to shelving and lighting fixtures.

Bridges, Tunnels, and Bunkers:

When you look at the shape and size of a shipping container, you start to see that they almost resemble building blocks which can be stacked or laid out end to end.

One Israeli architect company, Messer Architects, took this perspective on shipping containers and designed the Econtainer Bridge, located in Ariel Sharon Park in Israel. The shipping containers were recycled from the former landfill site that has now been renovated into a modern park.

Another interesting use for old shipping containers is to use them to create tunnels or underground bunkers. Shipping containers can simply be buried, and they’ll provide a solid structure to support the weight of the fill on top of it.

Garden Rooms/Greenhouses:

One shipping container recycling trend is to transform them into indoor greenhouses or mini-farms.

Shipping containers provide a solid structure, as well as a weatherproof seal, which can be used to control and moderate conditions for crops.

One company, Crop Box, is re-purposing old shipping containers to grow anything from fruits and vegetables for their store, found in Durham, North Carolina.

Another added benefit of using shipping containers for farming is that they’re stackable. This means you don’t need as much land to be able to produce a good yield from your crops.

Housing Creativity:

The ever-so prestigious Royal Drawing School, as well as the University of East London, are even using old shipping containers to house their artists and classrooms.

It only seems fit that shipping containers be used for the creativity of artists. After all, there are so many creative ideas that shipping containers can be used for.

It’s truly amazing how many uses there are for shipping containers. From using them for simple things like shipping and storage, through to important purposes like growing food and providing us with a place to live, it’s clear that shipping containers are miles away from being a one-use wonder.

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