The Ultimate Guide to Dental Marketing

by Marketing Published on: 10 April 2018 Last Updated on: 20 September 2018

Dental Marketing

Marketing is essential for any dental practice wanting to attract new patients. Competition is fierce, and without effective marketing and branding, it’s easy to lose customers to competitors in the community.

There are plenty of tools available for marketing your practice, but what are the most effective methods of dental marketing?

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Marketing :

Are you looking to get more patients? If so, keep reading to check out this ultimate guide to marketing.

Identify Your Target Audience :

Good dental marketing will always target the females in a household. Women do the vast majority of buying with regard to dental matters, and women make decisions differently than men, so it’s vital to tailor your marketing strategy specifically with women in mind.

Referral Bonus System :

When women are pleased with a product or service, they tell their friends. Offering a patient referral bonus incentivizes them to spread the word about your dental office. Always remember, there is no better marketing better than word of mouth. A referral bonus is the best marketing money you’ll ever spend.

Use Social Media :

There is no excuse for ignoring the value of social media in dental marketing. You can host live Q&A sessions, answer questions, take followers on a tour of your office. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are essential for spreading the word among friends and for branding within the community.

We recommend that you hire a marketing company with a knowledge of whatever platforms your target audience is using, as well as building a solid customer email database for appointment reminders and newsletters.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly :

We live in a time when mobile searches outnumber searches performed on a computer. Make sure your website is accessible on smartphone and tablets and is easy to navigate, such as the site for Dr. Kot DDS PC.

Get Involved in the Community :

Simply put, your community is your target audience. Volunteering at local events and sponsoring local sports teams are great branding opportunities.

Offer to Beat the Competition :

Don’t ever underestimate keeping up with what the competition is doing. Offering to meet or beat a competitor’s price can often make the difference between retaining a patient or losing one.

Price is only one way to beat the competition. Make sure your front desk staff is friendly, attentive, and answers questions promptly and politely when patients walk through the door. A well-trained staff speaks volumes about the overall quality of a dental practice. And with so many options in almost every town, a good staff is essential for keeping patients from taking their business elsewhere.

The Power of Marketing :

Remember, each step of the patient experience is part of marketing. From how the patient learns about your practice, up until the moment they leave the building. A happy customer is the best marketing you can ask for.

Dental marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be effective. Using social media and community events are a powerful way to build your brand as well as your reputation.

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