Car Shipping Tips to Save Money

by Automotive Published on: 27 August 2016 Last Updated on: 25 August 2020

Car shipping

One of the biggest tensions that come to mind when relocating from one city to the other is the concern about your car. You are then left with two options – you either drive it all by yourself to the new location or make use of a car shipping company, which makes more sense. Once you know how to compare the car shipping rates online, and fix on a deal, follow these tips to save yourself from any additional expenditure.


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Evaluate the state of your car:

In the case your car gives the shipping company any sudden problems, they will charge higher from you in the total amount. Before you hand over the car to the company, investigate for any outer damager in the car, especially the visible ones like scratches. For the best evaluation, first, wash the car and then examine it. Also, take pictures of it from every possible angle and save it until the car reaches its location. So if you find any damage to the car later on, which wasn’t there when you handed it over to the company, you can claim the damage.

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Thoroughly empty the car:

Sometimes, we tend to dump a few things in the car, especially at the back of it. But most of us have items such as CDs, a radio, soft toys, keychain, etc, which we overlook removing from the car thinking they won’t cause any difference to it. But all the things, big or little, should be removed from the car. And also remove the outer items like racks etc. All these may cause difficulties during the shipping of the car.

You do not want anything to stay in your car when shipping your vehicle as it can lead to many problems. For starters, many people will handle your car. If you have something expensive, you might not get it back. Secondly, you should not have fuel as it is not recommended and can lead to accidents. Before shipping your vehicle, it is best that you do a prior examination of all the sections, to ensure that it is completely clean. Trays and racks inside the car should also be removed as they might get damaged during the transportation process.

Meet the requirements of the company:

Before shipping, you should be informed of all the requirements needed to be met. For example, some would want the gas tank only to be half full. For all these queries, thoroughly read the company’s terms and conditions or ask them directly.

Prepare for the journey:

Basic things need to be prepared liking charging the battery completely and checking the proper functioning of the tires. Also, prepare it in such a way that it can fight any sudden weather change like heavy rainfall or snowfall.

If you do not follow the above, you are likely to end up paying more as an end result. So examine your car well before handing it to the company. Browse companies, compare car shipping rates online, and then follow the above.

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