How to Generate Quality Content for Your Social Media Accounts

by Marketing 30 August 2017


In the past few years, more people have joined social media. Statistics now show that almost every person with a smartphone is on one or more social networking sites. Most people are on social media because of the freely available content. This has seen a boom in the number of creative writers on the blogging sites as well. People share content about fashion, cooking, technology, and personal life stories among many other topics. Despite still improving by the day, the past few years have been of great improvement for social media.


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Blogs seem to be one of the major sources of content for many social media accounts. For someone who is able to integrate the two, the sky is the limit. Creating a blog is easy and fast, especially when done on a blogging platform rather than a personal URL. Here is a quick guide:

Choose a blogging platform

Before you embark on the journey of blogging, you need to decide the platform on which you will engage with your audience. This is probably the most important part of creating a blog. You need to find a blog that most of your peers frequent to read articles. Your peers will be your initial audience and will definitely help you popularize your blog.


Popular blogging platforms out there include WordPress Gawker, BlogSmith, and Lifewire among others. It may be wise for a start-up blogger to go for the most popular blogging platform to enable you to attract more traffic to your blog.

Creating a domain name

This is your personal blog address. You need to pick a simple and memorable domain name. Keep the domain name concise. In most countries, the cost of a personal domain name is about 10 dollars per year. This is for those who will choose not to have their blogs hosted on blogging platforms.


You need to have a unique appeal to your audience. This can be achieved by proper customization of your blog. If you are on a blogging platform, this is a simple task since they offer many free themes and designs from which you can choose. Improve your blog layout in order to attract more traffic and be sure to choose a theme that you are willing to use for a long time since most people may not like changes in future.

Getting your audience

Your content should be as interesting as possible in order to appeal to people and make them keep visiting your blog. You need to promote your blog via social networking sites to generate traffic to your blog. To promote your blog, you may also need to engage with users on the online forums directing their attention to your blog. You need to keep up with these practices in order to retain your audience.


At the end of the day, generating content for your social media account doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Simply follow this guide.

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