Inventory Management Apps: Optimizing Supply Chains With Smartphone Technology

by Business Intelligence 16 January 2024

Inventory Management

Businesses and organizations of all sizes need to manage, control, and track inventory at any time and from any location. In today’s global business landscape, inventory management plays a vital role in achieving success and sustainability. Manually inputting, tracking, and counting inventory is no longer feasible by industry standards. Another way is to create inventory management applications that automate supply-tracking processes.

This way, you can manage inventory at all stages, from searching for suppliers to visualizing warehouse balances. All you need is a smartphone and the right app.

Logistics Tracking

An app for tracking logistics can provide comprehensive control over shipments and delivery information if the system of your business, ERP, or WMS falls short. With solutions on tracking links, you can track your items in real-time from pickup to delivery, ensuring you always know their whereabouts. You will receive alerts and notifications promptly to address any issues.

Inventory Optimization

Managing inventory involves various aspects. One particularly challenging task is to order appropriate stock levels to meet demand while avoiding overstocking. Computing the forecasts of demands and the replenishment parameters, too, can prove to be time-consuming and challenging without the aid of software.

If you require robust inventory management software that offers user-friendly mobile functions, we recommend considering inFlow Inventory. With inFlow Inventory, you gain access to a comprehensive inventory management platform with desktop features, such as team management, vendor and customer tracking, and order management. Moreover, inFlow’s mobile app allows you to utilize a built-in barcode reader for item scanning, stock level adjustments, and the creation of new sales orders and purchase orders from any location.

As soon as you realize that you have selected the ideal management apps for yourself and feel that it is time to clean your smartphone, use a phone cleaner. With the Cleanup app, you can remove everything unnecessary in a couple of minutes. Any smartphone technology involves resource limitations and management, and the more efficiently you can distribute them, the faster the smartphone will work. Since the phone app helps you with optimizing supply chains, you should help it stay optimized.

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Driver Time Management

Most people often prioritize administrative tasks right from to-do lists, mainly from the bottom. Therefore, it minimizes the time spent on tasks such as filling in the driver’s timesheets and documenting the routes. Moreover, keeping a watch on the arrival times is crucial.

To simplify this process, GoCanvas has developed an app, which is a Daily Route Tracker. This app enables you to effortlessly record drivers and details on customers. The app also fuels consumption and more directly from your other electric gadgets like tablets.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management systems (WMS) assist in streamlining and optimizing warehouse operations. Tasklet Factory, a remarkable mobile WMS, seamlessly finds compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX and 365 BC/NAV. Its interface is user-friendly, easily customizable, and functions both online and offline, eliminating concerns about limited WiFi coverage in all warehouse areas.

The WMS app, designed for mobile use, scans the barcodes with the help of the devices and directly transmits the collected data to your ERP. We greatly appreciate Tasklet Factory’s ability to enhance product flows, reduce error rates, and improve the precision and processes of warehousing (for Microsoft ERP users).

Warehouse Management

Task Management

Managing the tasks and also the to-do lists arrives in various forms. It can range from paper lists to checklists in email applications, which can keep track of shared tasks and collaboration challenging. Boost the productivity of your business by integrating task-management apps, like OmniFocus, into your workflow.

Capture tasks from anywhere. Side by side, you can add the activities on the go. They must sync across your devices. Once the activities in the applications receive notifications, you can switch to another task promptly and avoid missing any deadlines.

Route Planning

Free sat navs are available readily. Not all of us have Google Maps on our phones. However, they often have limited functionality and only provide journey routes without considering truck-friendliness or sharing feedback data.

Apps for route planning like CoPilot Truck, on the other hand, offer truck-legal help navigating pathways that avoid most roads that are not suitable. CoPilot also gives an analysis (post-trip) of the route against that of the one that is pre-planned. This enables you to review the operating costs, as well as the fuel cost. Moreover, they assist you with the routes that are most cost-effective for the trips of tomorrow. 

Filing And Document Storage

Since remote work has become a necessity, our systems have been adapted to facilitate collaboration. Many businesses have opted for Microsoft SharePoint. It enables the teams to store documents online.

However, if Microsoft is not your fascination and choice, then you could go for other alternatives like Evernote. We consider Evernote among the top apps for organizing files, images, and the most significant documents. Its voice recording feature allows you to hold crucial memos when you’re away from your laptop or incapable of typing the notes. It’s perfect for moments when you’re moving between a warehouse and your desk or constantly on the go.


There are applications to manage and track almost every step in supply chains. Your task is to find and integrate that application into your business. It may take a lot of time at first, but it can reap many benefits in the long run, including increased personal productivity.

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