Payroll Service to pick: On-Premise or Cloud-Based?

by Business Intelligence 06 April 2021

Payroll Service

Whether it is a small business or a large organization, running a payroll system internally can streamline many daily HR tasks and bring significant changes in the company’s growth.

Having the right payroll system can make even the most complex tasks simple and bring peace to your mind. You must choose a payroll system that tackles all your payroll activities efficiently and do all the essential calculations quickly and accurately.

Based on your organization’s strength and needs, you can either choose an On-Premise Payroll system or a cloud-based payroll service.

To see which suits you best can be determined by analyzing their features and services they offer.

On-Premise HR Software:

An On-Premise service is an HR software service that collects and maintains employee data in a way that helps organizations plan, control, and manages employee activity as per the company specification.

This software is customized as per the processes that operate in a company and explicitly designed for the on-site service. The source code is handed over to the client, and the server controls are given to the company head. It is effortless to use, and only a one-time license fee is to be paid.

The good thing about it is that there is always an expert team available at the company premises to resolve the issues and maintain the overall working of the software.

Pros of On-Premise service-

Reliable Data Management:

Their data should be kept safe and on-premise; service offers greater control over it, thus making it a very reliable source.

Quick Support available on-premises:

A company that uses on-premise software needs to hire a team of IT professionals to assist them during an issue. They work dedicatedly to maintain the system and keeps it updated as per company requirements.

Secure Data Management:

It lets you keep the company data within the company premises, which means the chances of a data breach are reduced. For confidential and sensitive data, an on-premise HR service is best because you don’t have to share it on any cloud-based service.

Effective Data analytics:

Specific data about each employee and payments can be drawn at any point in time, giving you control over the payroll data and delivering data in the form of charts, bar, etc., as and when required.

Cloud-based payroll system:

Designed for all types of businesses and HR activities, cloud-based payroll service is the most popular choice of current times.

It is a SaaS-Based service hosted on a cloud server, and the client is given access based on the packages and features opted by them. The service provider provides the authority to access the software controls and use the tools and features to manage the HR activity.

It is built with the latest advancements and technology where previous data of the company can be converted and integrated into the software without much effort. The HR activities can run as before. It is a unified solution for HR and Payroll operations that streamline the processes and reduce manual steps.

Pros of Cloud-based payroll service-

Auto Updates:

Since the service is cloud-based, the updates are done automatically whenever a change in the system is required. The system is up-to-date at all times and in compliance with the employment laws. You don’t need to hire an IT team for maintenance.

Access Service Anywhere:

Because of the cloud-based service, users can access data from any part of the world and any device. Employees are given access to their data which can be viewed on their device from anywhere.

Off-Site Backup and Secured:

Natural calamity can occur anywhere, and in such cases, cloud-based services help you secure your data from getting damaged or breached by an internal person. In case of loss of any data due to any reason, the data can be recovered and restored by the cloud services quickly.

Final Decision is Yours!!

Managing the payroll operations shouldn’t be a nightmare to anyone and hence choose the service that rightly serves your purpose. Looking at the pros of both the services, the cloud-based benefit outweighs the legacy of the on-premise service, which is easier to use and integrate with the existing system.

Although an On-premise service is good for some companies, hiring an IT team for maintenance can bring a financial burden on the company.

ADP Payroll Processing system is adaptable, flexible, and available on-the-go cloud-based service and thus should be chosen for the company’s benefit.

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